[Reported] Hunting for Wulfgarok

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Windows 10 x64

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Wilfgarok hunt accidentally was made too difficult, it seems. In all “Hunt the Mythic troop” challenges game behave the same: if I use “Do the Task” button, it brings me to the kingdom of this troop, and in Explore mode the Mythic boss is the troop in question (and it match the one pictured at the kingdom screen, on challenges).
Well, not this time. Maugrim Woods features two mythic troops - Wulfgarok and Hatir & Skrol, and boss is always the latter one (I tried trice). Can it be modified somehow?

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Well, problem arisen since Hatir was introduced, I think.

Steps to make it happen again

  • Win the Explore run up to the Mythic boss.
  • Watch another Hatir instead Wulfgarok.

When you see another hatir before the fight, restart GoW, you get different opponents

Three times in a row is not always.

I once fought six or seven Will of Nyshas in Silverglade before finding Queen Aurora for a campaign task.
(Now I’m smarter and have heard of a method without actually fighting - get to the mythic battle, scout it, simply close the game if no Wulgarok present, restart, scout again…repeat restarting/scouting until Wulfagork spawns).


I know its not a solution but the comunitty has put wulfagarock in defenses, check on casual pvp.


Why in the world did we get a Wulfgarok campaign task when he wasn’t part of the world event anyway?

But yeah, some people have helpfully added him as a pvp defense. I may need to change mine back after practicing against a guild wars defense.

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Yeah, that’s how I got two others on my screenshot. :slight_smile:

These Mythic troop hunts exist either because the devs have no clue how long it takes to complete…
Or… They know how long it takes to complete and they want players to reroll or use Gems instead.

Either way every time a new Mythic or Legendary troop is released. The Campaigns become worse in terms of enjoyment. Which can’t be ideal.

Not a bug. It’s how the game works. Yes annoying.

Well, not a technical bug, indeed. But “logical” one - where you cannot complete the task in reasonable time, even if you follow game’s suggestions. Easy to fix, if it would be fixed mythical boss instead random one (that was the same, until second mythic of the kingdom appeared).

I spent over 10 minutes refreshing Casual PvP to no avail, not one Wulfgarok team, or even basic Wargare

I set mine with 2 Wulfgarok and 2 random Wargare, so at least I was able to help others. But the distinct bad taste it left in my mouth was about 30-40% of the reason I opted not to buy the pass this season

It’s not a bug. It’s streaky RNG. You just got unlucky…
From what i’ve tested some time ago, while recording a lot of explore battles. Legendaries/Mythics spawn quite equal…
in 100 explore battles (20 runs) you get similiar number of legendaries in those 20 mini-boss battles…
if kingdom has 4 legenedary troops, each of them shows up 3-6 times, most 4 or 5 times
for mythics it works same, but you need a bit bigger sample than just 3 runs to get the numbers you’re lucking for…


It seems, you didn’t understand the problem.

  1. Only way to get guaranteed Mythic troop of named kingdom is to get Mythic boss of this kingdom’s explore.
  2. To get to the mythic boss, you need to acquire 100 points of explore. It’s not a very fast process, to say the least. Even in the very best and optimistic case for me (almost charged boss, easy fights), I need to spend about 10 minutes to fight 4 scrimishes+mini-boss.
  3. And AFTER that I have (now) 50% chance to get the “right” boss. And after this fight I can forget about “optimistic case”, as I need to charge full 100 points AGAIN. Oh, thank you, kind developers. Unfortunately, it’s too much. (BTW, I used the trick with “shutdown/start again” client, and it worked on the third try. Better than could be - but indicates that I would spend a lot of time, fighting “fair”).

So I see two possible solutions:

  1. More complicated one. Allow only one mythic boss in Explore.


  • Need to control campaign tasks to match this boss (otherwise we’ll have semi-impossible ones)
  • No “other” mythics anywhere, except pure accidents and PvP.

Possible circumvent:

  • Do it in reverse, and available only mythic that match the current campaign task.

Both solutions requires quite a lot of extra checks though.

  1. Simple solution. Allow user to re-roll Explore opponent for nominal sum. I think, money currency donation, similar to “view” would be fine: it’s not something vital after all, and really needs only for such bordercases as above.

I understand perfectly, it’s just not a problem:

Explore is just only way of getting it. You can alwyas get it from pvp. Sometimes such troops show up in AB. One Wulfgarok shows up in dugeon (green day?). You don’t need to go farm Explore at all… Ofc it’s most reliable way to get that troop from explore, as that option is not time limited and doesn’t require you to push your luck to get it, BUT this is last week of campaign and it’s pretty safe to assure that there’ll be some Wulfgaroks set as pvp def.

Doing diff 12 explore with that 20% kingdom bonus, gives you ~84-90 mythstones. So basicaly you do a single run on whatever kingdom has 20% bonus to get that extra 80+ mythstones. From that point you switch to doing d12 explore in Maugrim Woods. Following 3 fulls runs should have enough mythstones to get to mythic battle.

If doing lvl 12 explore battles is too difficult, you can always spam lower levels, hunting all those 20% bonuses and switching to maugrim woods once you hit 100+ mythstones.

It’s slow grind, especialy if you get unlucky with mythic rolls, but it’s doable at any level.

And finally - if you dont want to do that, you always have 2 options for you:

  • rerolling task
  • skipping task with gems…

There’s no problem with this task. If anything there’s a problem with players who belive they should get everything without any effort… :man_shrugging:


I think the big rub for many people is that for the entire campaign, to the best of my recollection, the Mythic you were required to kill, was one of the guaranteed battles, so you just had to participate in the natural weekly gameflow and you’d complete it. Explore or PvP were merely side options if you were out of event sigils.

The Mythic-kill task this week SHOULD have been for Hatir, and this thread never would have happened (or Wulfgarok could have been one of the upper mid tier battles in the event)

  1. It’s a middle-tier task. Compare with other middle tiers: win 6 arena battles, win 6 dungeon battles, win 12 pvp battles, collect 400 green stones. Compare with this Wulfgarok. If it was high tier, I probably would overlook it.
  2. It’s not mine personal workaround/shortcut that I invented, and it doesn’t work. It’s the suggested action from the game itself.
  3. Of course, it’s doable. If I will go 12-tier battle route, it will take about 3-4 minutes per battle. So in the best possible case it’s 6x3x3=54 minutes of pure game time. But if it’s 50%, I can count on two hours at least. It’s extremely long for me, I usually play GoW about half-hour per day, maybe hour, if it’s really needed - and, most notable, usually it’s enough. So Wulfgarok definitely stands out here.

And, at last, I didn’t knew that mythstones is common currency, and not specific to the particular encounter. blush Thank you for this info.

It’s so quick and easy to find the required troops in PVP that this task is perfectly fine imo.

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Just here to remind everyone that your pvp pool can be different than my pvp pool and others pvp pool.

Happy for those that have Wulfgarok in their pool. The RNG of people’s own minds and troops availability shouldn’t be “the” reliable source for completing tasks.

That shouldn’t need to be said yet too many aren’t very empathetic to those who have had bad luck. I imagine you will be when it happens to you. 🤷

Kill {troop_name} task have 3 difficulties:
Bronze requires you to kill 1.
Silver requires to kill 3
Gold to kill 5.
Not all tasks are made equal.

Comunity hint (instead of Luther, which sometimes are less than perfect):
Kill tasks are usualy easier to do in pvp, especialy during same week as such task is present → many kind hearted players set required troops as part of their defense → to help other players with tasks.

I know, that’s why whole tasks system is a bit terrible… especialy that you unlock new tasks weekly, and only one after another… things would be smoother for low-time or low-level players if campaigns were 1 week longer- giving extra week with no new tasks, just for players to catch up (it could overlap with ToD, i wouldn’t mind it).

But things are like they are. One big improvement to tasks system, that was made not so long ago (3 months actualy…) is the option to reroll tasks… which allows players to replace unwanted tasks with something different. Thing is, new tasks aren’t nessesary less time consuming than original ones… but ARE less RNG dependent (like do 26 explore battles in Adana, instead of kill 3 wulfgaroks → you need to make 5 full runs to complete such thing, but it might be faster than hoping for 3 wulfgaroks )

Agree, usualy unit in "kill {troop} " task is one of battles in world event, but previous campaigns proved it doesn’t always work like that and sometimes you have to do special errands

With the new reroll feature I didn’t even try to complete it. I rerolled it immediately when I learnt that Wulfgarok is not in the event. Result. Kill 75 blue troops. Easy