CONSOLE: A New Mythic Approaches - Elemaugrim

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New Mythic: Elemaugrim

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They say the souls of the most ancient dragons can never truly be destroyed.
Just as their God-Spirit, the Dragon Soul, can resurrect upon his death, so the souls of the ancient ones can reform over time and return to the world.

Today… Elemaugrim has returned.

Once, the undisputed King of the Northern Forests, he was defeated by the first Wargare and the Forest Guardian - a physical manifestation of the very thing over which he claimed dominion.

Over time, the tattered remnants of his spirit fled back to Dragon’s Claw, and began the long process of healing and reformation. Now that process is complete, and Elemaugrim is ready to claim vengeance upon all who opposed him!

Please note this troop only applies to the PS4 and XBox One versions of the game.

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Get him while your gem spawns are still intact…and regret it later!


Got him cheaply.
750 glory chests, 100 gem keys then 3000 guild seals. Cheap as.
Anyway, I’m looking forward to building a team with him and maybe stonehammer. I’m not bothered with the gem spawn thing, it’ll get fixed.


200 gem keys. :sunglasses:


Was the best mythic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still worth getting him though.


I was hoping for a new mythic :heart_eyes:

But I have to wait until work is over until I can get him :roll_eyes:

Bagged myself one in 100 gem keys, first mythic in a while. Still want ketras though.

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Sweet just got 3 of them!


Here already?
Time to use up all of my gems and glory to see if I’ll get my hands on Elemaugrim!

Hey Ricky you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind, HEY RICKY!!!
Lol, come on its your turn! :grinning::grinning::grinning:


150 vip, ok I guess. I only need 1, right? Lol

I have not considered any teams including that mythic but the 3rd trait is stackable.

When is Jarl getting reworked?


What’s wrong with the current Jarl? I know I haven’t used him in a long while but did not hear anything was wrong with him…

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Just wait for it.

And no luck again…


I feel you. Me neither so far.

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How many resources did you use this time?

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Didin’t had that much

300 glory
150 gems
150 vip
100 seals

And will never spend real money anymore in this game


I wish I had “Not that much”…


3 back to back mythic i didin’t get…

The crafting system better be good cause it’s going to be last strike for me