CONSOLE: A New Mythic Approaches - Elemaugrim


150 vip… I’d have expected it to drop tbh


My game is rigged im pretty sure that make no sense to catch nothing, since wulfy i never catched a mythic in any chest, had to complete legendary task to get him


Something to needs to change. Maybe try opening vip chests in tens? I know it costs more but might be a good idea?


I tried several time, i keep getting stupid traitstones


Stackable is interesting. So 50 vip chests later I get #2. Sorry Ricky lol


Oh Ricky will hate me if I go for 4 of them, but many decks useless after 3 or 4 matches.


I don’t hate you i just hate the game system base on pure luck, like i said they better make crafting awesome.


Lol we’re pals. You can’t hate me lol.


Do you spend all your resources right away? I save everything for new mythics and use it then. Haven’t you guys also won all the guild wars on Xbox since it started? That is nearly 15k gems right there aline.


Yeah 15k of gems wasted in mythic slap in the face this is so awesome i love it


Ricky is a spendthrift with bad luck.
As theives go, 27k gems and own all mythics. 40k glory too, so I can easily get every new release.


I’m not criticizing @Rickygervais , but he just opened a bunch of Chests during a non Mythic week (just like I did). That is not the behavior of a spendthrift but a collector looking for a missing Mythic. I’m hoping it won’t come back to bit me as well, I think I dropped my stash from 33k 'ish down to 20k looking for my missing ones.

I agree with his other comments… crafting needs to be able to fill in the gaps!


Sorry but i didin’t opened bunch of chest during non mythic, i only opened 100 glory chest yesterday to get 1 copy of bone deamon


5 hours later, today is my lucky day.
It only took me 90 glory keys and 52 gem keys to get my hands on Elemaugrim!


Right there with you. I save everything and spend only when new Kingdom or troop is released.


Lol I opened almost 2k to get him, mostly because of bugged chests -.-


I just need to trait Elemaugrim now and come up with a good team build to incorporate him.


Jarl is a popular choice because of the burning on 4-5 matches.


Tried stonehammer, alchemist, hellcat and ele
Worked really well mostly.


And Stonehammer / Elemaugrim don’t mana clash much.