CONSOLE: A New Mythic Approaches - Elemaugrim


I wasn’t referring to yesterday? but rather opening a ton of chests during a non mythic week. I recalled it because you opened on a non Mythic week the same day as me. Anyhow its no big deal.


I’m gonna be that stallion: crafting system when?


Lol it was only 50 vip chest not a bunch :slight_smile:


2nd batch of 50 VIP, got 2.


Kinda funny people can get 2-3 copy of each mythic and i wasn’t able to catch one since wulfy, my account must be rigged


Grats man!


Realize it cost me over 12k in gems to get Ketras, one way or another it works itself out.


I haven’t been below 10k gems since Famine was released. Got every mythic. Just only open stuff during mythic exclusive periods!

Having a surplus from the old task system definitely helped.


I got him and that’s all that counts!


Sorry to hear @Rickygervais :frowning_face:


Meaning? I can’t tell if this is good for him or bad?


You’ll have that!


13k Of Glory spent and nothing… Gems gained from 13k of Glory… opened one VIP Chest and got it :+1:


Got him with 2000 Guild Seals. :star_struck:

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150 VIP chests…nothing. Do I spend more of my remaining 5k gems? Ugh.


Nice troop and fits in a lot of teams. Plus he fills himself very nicely after he casts his spell. With all 4 troops burning I was able to cast his spell 4x in a row.
I would try one more 50vip if you have the gems or if your in a guild that completes guild tasks early in the week then wait till then.

I’m sorry he didn’t drop already. :slightly_frowning_face:


700 glory chests and 60 VIP, I finally snagged him as I as well blew my resources trying to catch up on old mythical last week. VIP 6 as well now, liking the extra gold.
Getting the a third aby in the growth pack was upsetting but oh came through with first 50. Phew. I’m going to start saving from now on.


Yeah that extra gold adds up after a while. Congrats on getting him.
Lol, I better log into gems b4 @Dan_ozzzy189 sends out a MIA :wink:


So you haven’t played all week? Looks like you’ll jump into 6th😁


I’m happy as long as we stay bracket 1. Think I still have 10-15 battles left I think b4 today’s reset.