CONSOLE: A New Mythic Approaches - Elemaugrim


Good luck to you. I wondered why quimby was a little bit behind, now I know.


@Santandrix good luck to you and your guild also. Have a good day everyone. :grinning:


??? Without knowing how crafting is going to work this is almost impossible to answer.


I got very lucky finding Elemaugrim.
106 Guild Chests
~2,100 Glory Chests


I got 1 with 32 glory, 8 gem, and a 50 VIP pack. Woof.


You got him in a glory key or a guild chest?


@Eika I got him with a Glory Key.

It might not be the best way, but I always start looking for a Mythic by using all my saved Guild Keys and Seals first. Then move on to using existing Keys (Gem or Glory). After all that I’ll use actual Gems on VIP chests.

This time I only had a few Gem Keys in inventory so I started using my Glory Keys instead.


Got 50 more VIP, and he finally dropped…relieved, but down to a mere 3k gems. Let’s see if he’s worth it…


What will the next event be? Was daughters of Orion delayed? I can’t find the post.


They were til rhe next patch. So next event should be Darkstone.


I could have sworn Nimhain said somewhere that it got delayed due to a bug with a troop.


A bug they noticed first? Generate 20 gems or something lol


Can anyone suggest some good elemaugrim teams?


Dark troll, rock troll, elemaugrim and Jarl
Abyssal banner


I agree that team Rocks!! :wink:
Amazing how once it gets started its a constant loop. Nice team.


Until console gets the updated gem creation


I hope they don’t start messing around with that on console.


They’ve stated several times that console will receive the same generation algorithm as PC once they’re finished tweaking it.


Ffs, just leave it alone devs. They already screwed up PC version. Grrr
I didn’t know we would get a revised tweaked pc version. Thanks for the info


If console gets the same gem generation algorithm as PC/mobile, it will be the end for Justice teams.