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Efficient Explore 12 Soul Farming Teams

Looking for Explore 12 Soul Farming teams.

This is my current team; I’ve just started trying to make one.

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The amount of Souls you get per battle doesn’t increase with Explore Difficulty, so you probably don’t want to be trying to Soul farm on E12. One of the lower difficulties will be much more efficient.

If you’re trying to multitask and passively gain a few extra Souls whilst aiming for Tokens, a Pharos in there somewhere couldn’t hurt, but it will probably be easiest just to do one thing at a time.


Yeah, my thought is I can grind souls while going for medals, too. Sure wish e12 gave 2 Class Exp; that would make my time much more worth it.


Probably something with Phylactery and Pharos, is the best you are going to get but that only leaves one slot for generation and one slot for (significant) damage. You can use an otherwise “normal” team that the hero weapon doesn’t feature a strong role in and just Phylactery for a bit of extra souls, but most souls stuff takes a while to get going both in terms of starting and finishing power… if you take twice as long to do an explore 12 while farming souls, you are better off just doing 2 or 3 explore 2’s and one explore 12 for the same amount of medals and twice as many souls in the same amount of time. Phylactery is nice because it has an extra turn and so has minimal time impact to hit your souls cap whereas most soul gen stuff has a comparatively large time cost just casting it compared to casting stuff that does damage. Only worth it if you can get your (consistent) soul farm team at least close to sub 1 minute for explore 12.

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Been tweaking this for hours and I’ve come across a pretty solid team.

Thrall is the generator, and he’s fantastic at it all by himself. The Necromancer class helps a bit with souls and mana generation, but honestly could be traded out to level other classes. Doomed Statue keeps your troops alive, adds some mana to them, and sometimes grants magic boosts, all while increasing the damage of Death, who is your primary damage-dealer. Ra is used to clean up enemy troops hanging on by a thread and give massive amounts of souls.

This isn’t the best team for farming souls; if you want that, you’re better off in a lower Explore level. But so far, this is suiting me well as a compromise between soul/medal grinding!



Ra hits very hard when soul count is high.

Do you have Zuul?

Might try putting that where Death is for faster kills :man_shrugging:

And that generates souls how?



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And zuul generates souls? I doubt a player who is soul farming already has zuul. Would u concur?

No, I wouldn’t. Otherwise I wouldn’t have suggested it. I have guildmates with Zuul who still have a fair number of troops to level, medals to attach, dawnbringer to craft…

Soul farming is a balance between souls-per-battle and speed-of battle. If Zuul kills way faster than Death (not sure), then his Necromancy trait might not be missed.

Doesn’t hurt to make a run with one team, time it, and calculate souls-per-minute, then do the same for the other formulation in order to compare :man_shrugging:

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But you did suggest it.

Nobody who soul farms has zuul unless they’ve spent a fortune on orbs. If you believe you are right then u are definitely a chink in the unforgiven armour. Hilarious

By the time I got zuul I had db and 2M souls. How is the reverse possible?

I think you’re assuming here, and you know what they say, Vaped, about people who assume… :wink:

Medals alone are a massive soul sink. A player with-or-without Zuul could be grinding souls for Geoff (seems likely to me, since OP wants to do Level 12 Explore and acknowledges there are better places to go if the goal were souls, rather than medals with a side of souls), and that’s before even considering the possibility you posit in your own post that a player could have Zuul by chasing leaderboard with paid-for gems. Which, you know, wouldn’t complete their collections (in fact, it would impede progress toward other completions).

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Cmon. Get real. I’ve got 3M souls so don’t see Geoff’s carrot as a soul sink for high end players. I don’t care about the achievement anyhow. Resources are a problem I once but no longer have. Your point is what exactly?

Can we stop arguing about whether people have Zuul or not? It’s irrelevant. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I do not have Zuul. Death kills pretty slowly, but I’m not sure what troops would be faster to the extent that I can part with Death’s Necromancy.

Doesn’t the Geoff achievement cost 6M souls? I know endgamers have lots of souls but very few would have THAT many. I can easily believe there are players with Zuul that still need more souls.


Just have a few general thoughts - I was going to go down this road myself before I crafted Dawnbringer; now I find I get enough souls just by farming on my daily delve and adventure board to keep my total steadily rising. (I don’t have Pharos Ra either):

Hard-hitters that may work on an E12 soul-farming team: Sol’Zara, Tartarus.

Necromancy teams have a lot of summoning available, so at some point I wanted to mess around with a Dullahan team (with Orbweaver hero, Morterra, and something empowered in the first slot to speed things along).


Switched the class to Monk, which helps with mana gain. Currently running a Medal of Nysha for general spells, Orpheus for the occasional cleanse, and Yasmine for a bit of a boost for Death.

how long do your matches take?