Soul Farming in the new Explore mode

So, I’m already a bit behind the 8 ball on this, seeing as I just found that soul farming is a thing. However, I’ve seen a few comments that it has been nerfed/killed by the new explore mode.

I can’t see why though, from my view it’s as simple as putting together a team that generates souls and then running lower level explore modes on repeat, on repeat, on repeat, you get what I mean.

Or am I missing something.

Then on a side note, without using Mythics/Legendary troops what is a decent soul farming team for the new mode? Given that I only have about 8 that have generate souls as a thing they do.

The old difficulty system was less drastic than the current difficulty system AND rewarded you with a bonus gold/soul/xp payout upon completion.

So even if you’re finding the current explore system fine difficulty-wise, you’re still losing out on the soul bonus.


My current team is getting 383 souls per battle, can it be higher?

I wouldn’t mind making 1000’s of souls but I can’t figure out a way to do it. :frowning:

Valkyrie, 3 warlocks.

Hero with soul blade, 3 warlocks.

I’d say arena is a better place to get souls than explore, till you get a solid and fast team going (like getting the dragon soul, or pharos-ra, or both).

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I see, speed of getting souls is better than qty of souls then.

For example, a 20 sec fight that generates 250 souls vs a 40 sec fight that generates 350 souls is better for farming purposes.

I was using Banshee (to generate souls), Kerberos, Soul Keeper and Acolyte for the Necromancy trait. Wasn’t too worried about killing the other teams quickly though.
*BTW, I didn’t realise Kerberos and Soul Keeper had Necromancy as a trait. I was looking for Soul generators before.

I was thinking explore can generate traitstones as well as gold, never really got into the Arena mode. I’ll check it out.

Thanks for the tips.

Lol, tried arena mode, got destroyed. Troop choices were bad or worse. I’ll stick to Explore mode on D1 for souls and D10 for gold/traitstones.

Okay, this has proven to be the fastest so far for me given my limited resources.
Hero w/Deaths Grasp +8
3*troops w/ necromancy
+2 purple banner

takes 1 or 2 turns to kill the entire Explore team and gain 65 souls.

Might be faster and better ways with better troops but this is working out.

It has the bonus of the Arcane Traitstones randomly dropping as well.

It’s a bit tough to create the really good soul generation teams early on when your resources are limited. For example The Dragon Soul and Pharos-Ra are very popular but are a legendary and mythic respectively. Early necromancy troops like Valkyrie and Warlock are a bit slow unless you add some units to quickly clear the enemies, but each non-soul increasing troops lowers your soul count per battle.

I use The Dragon Soul, Pharos-Ra, Hero w/ Imperial Jewel (whatever class I want to level), and Umberwolf. Gets around 200 souls a run depending on how high I get the soul count. It’s not the fastest team, but it can reliably clear dungeons and most Adventure Board battles so I use it to pick up some extra souls while clearing dailies.

Dragon Soul kills everything fast and generates souls. Pharos-Ra has the best soul trait and top off the soul count. Hero is there for class XP and to soak up extra mana. Umberwolf just sits there for the trait that creates a darkstorm every turn for Dragon Soul to loop on.

You can swap the hero for another necromancy troop if you want more souls at the expense of hero XP, and Umberwolf for a necromancy troop if you want more souls in exchange for potentially slower battles.


Thanks for all the info guys. It looks like I need to build up my Leg and Myth troops, not just for soul farming but other farming options also. But soul farming specifically, I’ll have to do some timed tests and see what works best for what I have while I build up my collection more. One shot killing the enemy troops is fast but not many souls, building up to 100/100 souls in a fight nets many more souls but is slower.

But thanks again for the input, definitely makes working it out easier.

Deathknight, Sorceror, and Assassin are all decent choices for hero classes. Deathknight and Assassin have an early talent that gives them one soul each turn, and Sorceror gains souls on 4+ matches.

There are better classes in the game, to be sure. But these three are dead weight as far as I am concerned. At late game I would almost never use any of them. So an early-game opportunity to build some champion levels might not be the worst thing.

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Get the Soul Blade weapon, that deals damage and gives souls, with 3 warlocks for the 25% soul bonus. Not the fastest but reliable and decent soul ammount (75% bonus from warlocks).

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You might want to make that Difficulty 2, that way you get 6 Guild Seals extra for each battle :+1:


Sure, I’m currently using Necromancer for the soul bonus’s it has. I think it’s +1 per turn as well as +1 on 4/5 gem matches.

Yep, working on that one. I have it but I need more ingots to get the trait unlocked that does the extra souls. But I have the weapon at least now.

Good idea :smiley:

How do you get Pharos Ra though, is it purely RNG from keys or can I save my soulforge mats and wait for him to show up there?

Soulforge is the best way, the odds of getting PR from chests are tiny!

Get 4000 Diamonds and wait a few weeks and he should show up.

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Okay, thanks. Soulforge it is then. Although I’ll still try my luck with the keys. I managed to pull Ketras from one but he hasn’t been that useful tbh.

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Ketras is an amazing offensive mythic.

Try putting him on a team with someone who can boost your life (or any stat, really—I say life just because that tends to be best for staying alive), like Yasmine’s Pride or Divinia—you’ll see his damage output quickly skyrocket :+1:


Ketras is also good with Cauldron out of Zaejin as it increases life and doubles the troop’s attack :+1:


Ketras’s strengths are:

  • Gets better as your stats get better
    • AKA he’s good on an Earth’s Fury team in scaling events or anything else that can mega-boost.
  • Splash damage
    • AKA one of the few heavy hitters against Stealthy targets.

He’s in that class of mythics that’s not “broken”, but is still severely powerful. Like all troops that get better with scaling, he’s average-to-good in normal cases so not super useful in PvP these days.

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Thanks for the info, I know his damage scales and I have him leveled and traited but I hadn’t found a consistent use for him so I’ll take a look at what I can team him up with.

Most of my leveling was using Titan, Mang, Hyndla Frostcrown x 2 and Skrymir the Lofty which was great up to a point. Now I’m using a fairly standard thief team for most things. So another solid team would be good.

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I think he’s most useful on content requiring the use of red, brown, or green troops, like certain delves, Tower of Doom, and Guild Wars. That’s how he gets used on my wife’s account, anyway—I don’t have him myself, so I only get to play with the card when my wife has me play one of her battles for something.

When next I have time on her account, I’ll post you a few teams that have worked well for her :slight_smile: