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1xPharos Soul Farm Team (works ok against divine)

I started playing again last week after several months off, but messing around with the Titan class for invasions and raids led me to a new soul farm team that works in every game mode. It’s basically the only team I use at them moment, so I figured I’d share it. It even has a pretty decent success rate against divine.

MC = Mountain Crusher
TDS = The Dragon Sould


Slayer Banner - double brown, purple, -yellow
Titan Hero*** - MC (mine is only 47ish)
Talents: Impact, Counter, Stone Circle, Storm Aura, Rock Solid, Stone Master (I don’t have that one yet, but it negates the need for the acolyte, so you can replace the last spot with an Aziris or whatever you want)
The Dragon Soul

First, I’ll point out that the team is really fast, but “how fast” and “souls per hour” depend on your game mode and difficulty. I didn’t really build it for souls/hour, I built it so that I had high “passive” soul gain from the fact that I could use it anywhere.

Where to Use & Difficulty:

I have been running it:

Pet Rescue 1-7, always fails at 8.

Daily Dungeon: No problems yet with it for all 3

PvP Ranked: It took me like an hour to get to tier 1 from 15 farming 3rd rank fight.

PvP Casual (Normal): I farm third with it, unless firebombs are in 2 then I’ll do them, I usually ignore firebombs in slot 1.

Explore (Hard): I farm for traits on hard with it. (It’ll never be faster than a sunbird team, but that’s not really the point).

Quest (Warlord IV): I only run quests when I want something from it, or I’m annoyed that when I click on a traitstone I need, the first area it takes me is to a zone I haven’t done quests yet. Warlord 4 vs hard is negligible time wise with this team, so I do it on wl4. DIsclaimer: You can occasionally get screwed if their higher attack and some cascades kill your first 2 units, but it’s super rare.

Challenge (Warlord IV): I don’t replay challenges I’ve beaten, when I do challenges, it’s for that extra souls at the end. Any challenge I have played with this team on warlord 4 has been super easy, and takes about the same time as an explore fight on hard.


The premise of this team is such as any farm team, the fastest start possible. Titan starts at 5/11 brown mana for MC, the acolyte adds one on brown matches, 2 from the banner + any match 3 = 6 which gives you 11, which is exactly what you need for MC. Add in the fact that you start the fight with dust storm. So the faster you can match any 3 brown, the faster your engine is running. **Edit: Rereading that wasn’t clear. To start the fight a match 3 brown will give you full mana on MC.

Once you’re up and running you’re looking for MC to lead into TDS or Pharos. You’re max souls will be 120 which even for top end teams is enough to one shot “most” things with Pharos, you’re looking at 2 casts between Pharos and TDS before you wanna start really going for kills in pvp (otherwise aim your pharos at the first monster that won’t die from a gem explosion). This will prevent you from taking some bad monster down to 10% health and then not wanting to waste another pharos shot on it. In pretty much any other game mode, it doesn’t matter, you can play it fast and loose.

Divine Teams:

I didn’t feel the need to discuss any other team you’d encounter, cause it’s very hard to lose. However, Divine teams are Divine teams, and I fight them all the time since I always farm third slot in pvp, so I have some tips to beat them.

  1. Dont spam. This team was built to spam, but against divines you can’t do that. Play it fast, as it’s intended, but before you use pharos just look to make sure you’re not giving them 4/5 gem matches with the convert. Match 4/5s that you can before you use an ability.

  2. Don’t use pharos unless you have enough souls to 1 shot, or you have an extra turn from his convert. The worst thing you can do against a divine team is give them multiple matches.

  3. Always, always, always (when you have enough souls) kill ubastet first. Even if you’re going to give them matches, take ubastet off the board. Use explosions until you can one shot him, don’t waste a pharos attack unless you can clean him up with a TDS.

  4. Take out infernus second. If ubastet and infernus are off the board, most of the divine troops become inert. Ishbala can screw you over at times, but having barrier on brown helps.

  5. If you ever don’t know what to do, remember that the setup puts you into an almost perpetual state of only needing to match a brown to get MC to full and barrier your hero.

***EDIT: Almost forgot, do not choose the first talent that gives you a random storm. It will overwrite your dust storm and can take you from a really good start to a really bad one. The stun trait is much much better, in most game modes you should be ending the match either before or shortly after the first dust storm evaporates anyway. In pvp it applies, but don’t expect to win by the end of the dust storm.


Here’s a 10 minute clip of me playing pretty badly with it, but it should show why I think it’s good. I tried to find a better divine team at the end of the pvp part, and the team threw me off, but I wanted to at least provide it all raw.


Nice team! Love Pharos. Could also use Necromancer if over Class lvl 20 as it has the Mana Source talent to start at 50% full. Lose a bit of defensive abilities from the stone tree though.


Yeah, Bard is also an option I was looking at. It has the 50% start and I believe a purple match bonus.

thanks for the review i also have been using this team for most all parts of the game, i use moneylender in the 3rd spot to get gold along with my souls. Trying to get to 1 million for the dawnbringer, do you get extra souls for doing harder then normal setting tasks? i was told you don’t so never went above the normal mode

I just got Dawnbringer last night. Yes you get bonus souls and gold for higher level difficulties. It should tell you the bonuses when you select the difficulty (on xbox I think there’s like a show info button).

Most things aren’t worth going above hard because the bonus isn’t generally worth the extra stats which make fights take longer. In challenges however, if you’re doing new ones you haven’t 5*'d yet, the bonus souls off-set it and the first few stars of the challenge have low stats even on warlord 4.

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Just on this, with the new talents for the classes a fun team from Khetar I think is:


Beats Divine teams pretty regularly while getting 380+ souls a match. Has a good mix of skull and spell damage. Makes me wish Aziris still had ‘Divine Slayer’ trait though.

Rush Bone Shield, then cast Pharos if there is a 4+ match available. Aziris and Keeper can assist in creating extra turns to manipulate the board and in Keeper of Souls case, refresh it as there are invariably some doomskulls to explode.

Thing that really annoys me though is: Why did they gimp Bone Shield by making its condition ‘Khetar allies’ rather than Undead? Either all those types of weapons should either have been kingdom troops or troop types, not a mix. Divine Protector, Beastly Bow etc have a vastly wider pool of team builds that Bone Shield, Hook Sword, Glacial Crystal etc.