New to Soul farming

Hello, i’m very new when it comes to Soul farming. I finally got enough Diamonds to make a mythic in the forge, and made Pharos since he was in the forge this week. I did some digging into farming teams, but I cant make any of the teams I found (besides the lowest level being warlocks and Valkyries). For the life of me I can’t get a Dragon Soul, which I see is also a key unit for amazing soul farming teams besides Pharos. Are there any other good teams I can make using 1 Pharos and no Dragon Soul?

(I have Solza as well)

If your units can take some abuse, Pharos-Ra and three Aziris troops gives a huge bonus to collected souls. But you’ll probably take a few skull hits as you set up Pharos-Ra to be able to cast.

You can also sit Pharos-Ra behind a Valkyrie and two other troops with Necromancy. The Valkyrie makes blue for Pharos but does not block any of the latter’s colors. And it also serves as a meat shield, so you can cede skull matches to the AI and focus on filling Pharos-Ra.

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The question is that are you soul farming in PvP or explore? For explore, the fastest team on Normal difficulty is Sunbird, Firebomb, Phylactery (Hero), Pharos Ra. Fill both Sunbird and hero. Then Phylactery - Sunbird - boom! - rinse repeat

I used it as a ‘catch all’ team to farm traitstone, souls and level up hero. The throughput is quite decent. If you are just after souls, then you probably need to follow the strategy above.


Oh I didn’t think about that. Yes I’m doing explore, I’ll have to give that team a try