Effective AOE teams

Anybody got a really good team focused on AoE spells? They don’t seem as useful after 1.0.7 due to all the bonus stats, but I recently put one together that’s not entirely horrible: Hero (w/ Sun & Moon)/Alchemist/Atlanta/Giant Spider.

Kinda speaks for itself. Three troops do AoE damage, two troops power the other two, and the Hero ups the damage of the heavy hitters.

I tried to find a way to make a good true damage AoE team work with the Crimson Bat, but that’s hard to pull off based on my initial attempts…

Behemoth, Terraxis, Atlanta, Hero w/ War & Peace
All AOE, Terraxis charges two of them.

Behemoth, Terraxis, Soothsayer, Hero w/ Sun & Moon
Only mostly AOE, Terraxis still charges two of them, two sources of magic gain.


Soothsayer/Soothsayer/Herdmaster/CrimsonBat for a surprisingly effective true damage team - doesn’t take long to get the Bat up to 10 AoE true damage…!

Sun&Moon/Ragnagord/Hobgoblin/Behemoth is a proven fast team with a fair amount of AoE…

Hydra/Sunweaver/Herdmaster/Ragnagord is my take on a Hydra AoE team that is fun to play and can dish out mega AoE… or go horribly wrong :smile:

Ooh, that IS an interesting Crimson Bat team. I’ll have to try that out. As for your Hydra setup, I’m not too fond of randomly split damage since it can mess you up big time if the wrong enemy gets the damage… But the Hydra’s ability to get really big damage I guess would overcome that.

@Shimrra: How did I forget Terraxis was an AoE troop?? :flushed:

It does have the massive advantage of stacking up as enemies die… normal AoE is far less effective in the late game…

My record is 90+ damage from one Hydra cast… and it did one-shot the entire enemy team… wish I’d taken a screenshot… the aim is let Hydra get hit, then reapply Life and Armour with Sunweaver… the life gain doesn’t count as healing, so doesn’t reduce the Hydra’s damage… and repeating that gives Hydra a huge life ‘pool’ to lose…

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@Jainus Fair point. I think I just have a bad taste in my mouth from the days when the biggest random-split troops were the Blade Dancer and Shadow Hunter, whose effectiveness decreased with time.

I play with crimson bat, venoxia, crimson bat, gorgotha.
Almost never loose.

^^That is one mana-costly team. :smiley:

Mine is
Sun weaver.

Hero does all the AoE, weaver charges his mana and tanks him up, Jarl also fills him and fills himself and all others, Orion is there to take care of those who are bigger in hp/shield size.

Hydra / Alastair / Terraxis / War and peace
I win very fast with that team. I also use it as my defense team currently and am astonished to see I have more than 50% of victories when I am attacked.

I am surprised nobody has mentioned staff of madness yet:

Green Slime
Goblin Shaman
Green Seer
Hero(Staff of Madness)

I actually use a strange set up… gorgotha, bombardier, herdmaster, and goblin rocket :slight_smile:

Carnex, Behemoth, Flame Cannon, Hero with War and Peace

Carnex charges everyone, and you can get +2 Armor Adana bonus

I actually used this team quite a lot pre-1.0.7. I’ve been distracted by the newer team building, but I ought to go back and play this team again. I really liked it, I just wonder how well it holds up without any team bonuses.


That’s hardly AoE… it’ll win by Venoxia getting Attack buffed to 40+ and getting lucky skull drops from all the chains from the gem-spamming… Stick either Emperina (heal and buff that Venoxia after all the hard work of buffing it) or Sheggra ('nuff said) to get full colour mix… admittedly you’d lose the kingdom bonus, but three Venoxias doesn’t feel much fun to use to me…

I’ve found on the REALLY good teams, that team bonus isn’t really an issue. My torch, carnex, hobgoblin, behemoth, team regularly beats the most annoying teams out there. (3x venox celest, gobbos, 3x jarl etc).

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I just started using a ye-olde legendary team with no bonuses at all and its working fine. Even against teams full of Goblins that are literally larger than them.

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Yes it’s kinda funny how that works out. The team bonuses worked really well at making lots of types of teams viable, but the oldies are still awesome!

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So glad people are finally starting to realize this. :relieved:
I have an effective team that rarely loses, it uses both a Hero, and no Legendary or Epic whatsoever.
I think I posted it on KAYA43V3R’s topic. But yeah, fun, explosive, and a champ of a team!