When the time comes, people would call this the "Serale comp" :3


Or not… I can’t figure it out, this might be shitty or pure gold!

The weapon is “Sun & Moon” :smiley:


I would trade Hydra with Crimson Bat. Hydra isn’t going to get anything from magic, but Crimson Bat. :heart_eyes:


I thought the same, well she actually does gets damage from magic, the think is sometimes the AoE isnt enought to kill the last two targets and since i’ve no direct damage, it makes the game 3-4 turns larger. The Hydra have that plus sacrificing some damage. :smiley:


Does that really matter when you are doing 10+ true damage to all enemies?

I went both ways on damage to all enemies with Soothsayer:

  1. Crimson Bat
    Green Seer

  2. Hero(Sun and Moon)
    Deep Borer


I did play it with the Crimson Bat and I’ve no idea what you are doing but you are probably doing it wrong, It never took me so long in the game to actually get the Crimson Bat do 10+ true damage. And even so, several times the troops did have more than 10 health while the other had only around 4-6. I guess can go either way because you sometimes can just one shot all the troops with the CB and win saving 2-3 turns compared to the Hydra… It just comes to what you prefer playing. May be I’m just over hyped about the new troop and giving it more value that what it actually have XD.


I was more-so referring to my team with dual Soothsayers. I bet it takes a lot longer for sun and moon to fill up than a second Soothsayer would. Hydra is still a great legendary, and randomly split damage fits well with damage to all enemies. However, it doesn’t fit will with magic gain.

I think Fire and Ice would be a better Hero weapon to give hydra a bigger life pool to draw damage from. Also, having the same mana type would allow you to focus on filling hero early in the match for damage to all, then Hydra later in the match for randomly split damage.


Only improvement I can suggest would be to change your hero’s race to Tauros…when that is possible. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

More races for Heroes


Hydra and Fire and Ice have the same colours, so that would actually be a really bad idea. And any troop that uses magic benefit from Sun & Moon anyway.


I don’t think using Fire and Ice is a good idea due to the mana usage. And filling Sun & Moon is not really a problem, Ragnagord does it pretty well and easily. XD I’ll test your comps when I log on! They both seem very interesting too. More the first than the second tho.


I wish… Also they should change everything to anime theme. :'D


So I’m experimenting with Hydra and you really want it at the front… Its spell is lethal once it’s been damaged a bit (+2 damage per 1 life lost!)




Have both been working quite well - hydra takes damage, sun weaver re-applies life and armour, hydra can take more damage, Thousand Bites soon gets insane…

High risk strategy as you need hydra to get smacked a bit… But fun!

Note the (interesting) interaction between Hydra and Sunweaver - life gain isn’t same as healing, if she buffs a damaged hydra, he’s still been damaged…


Ill try them! :smiley:


Update to this - works better than ever in 107 - extra stat boosts from level 10 kingdoms give Hydra a huge life total to play with… and that first team gets a few minor team bonuses too!

Still risky… but fun!


I bet it has. :open_mouth:

Have you tried Hydra with Gar’Nok? Garnok will do 3 damage to Hydra; boosting its damage by 6. He will also give it 8 attack which helps it being in the front. Lastly, he will summon an Orc in its place if it falls.

Sadly, Gar’nok is one of the three troops I am missing, or I would try it myself.


Ooh that’s very interesting, will give it a try!

Hadn’t considered it as I normally consider summoners not worth the effort…