Economy with 4x speed animations (nerf to early guild tasks)

The patch has now made changes as a result of players that play with 4x animation speed. The resulting influx of gold in to the economy is an issue, but the solution they chose is completely ass backwards.

Nerfing the early guild tasks while increasing the later task rewards punishes only the smaller guilds who struggle to get more than 6/10 of any of the tasks let alone complete legendary tasks. It seems to me that there are two types of guilds - low end guilds who struggle to complete all tasks and end-game guilds who more or less make the donations mandatory. You’re hurting the little guys without touching the people actually bringing in the extra gold.

I think you should look at updating the match reward formula to include a diminishing return slope. At 500+ trophies, gold rewards are halved. There is still the traitstone, soul, and trophy rewards, but less gold coming in.

You are actually wrong! They are hurting VIP members that have spent tons on the game while rewarding people that spend zero! Last time I checked vip chests are opened with gems! LT’S have gem keys instead of gems which hurts VIP’S and helps free to play!


Technically the patch notes only mentioned this affected Guild Tasks and not Legendary Tasks, so we’ll need confirmation from the devs as to whether it was meant to affect LTs as well or not.