We're making 3 times the amount of gold since the original LT nerf?

I don’t see how the subject title can be true what so ever.
47 million to complete all tasks after 4.7 is implemented.

That averages out to this per player.

5 times the 300k that most guilds require to complete all tasks.

Don’t worry devs. I won’t quit the game. Watching the train wreck that you cause will be too entertaining to miss.

I just wanted a spot where everyone could easily read this news since it was buried in a thread.


I honestly hope that the Illuminati exists and that this is just a tactic to make it seem more reasonable when you divide the cost in half. Otherwise it’s truly the dumbest, most out of touch idea ever implemented into GoW. And that’s saying a lot.


That amount of gold is utterly ridiculous.

And, the worst part is that they claim that they came to the number because they want to help newbies pick the more useful lower priced statues. :roll_eyes:


That amount of gold is utterly intended to act as a gate and permanently block off LTs for as many players as possible.


Only if they ad another 20 on top of guild members cap which is stuuuuupid to have 50 guild members that need just under 1 mil

I was totally shocked to see how much gold will be required after 4.7 goes live.When we got 4x speed our gold was devalued in terms of LT reward payouts. The devs sited that it was done because it was, “bad for the economy.”

From the 3.1 patch notes

What say you now devs? I suppose by that same logic we can expect better rewards once again since there will be no “extra gold”? It only stands to reason for us to expect that.


There have been multiple slowdowns implemented since 4x went live. Look at how many extra clicks/taps are required for the reworked Explores, for crying out loud. The “next match” option that was finally added to old Explores was amazing because of how many clicks it saved…and now they’ve gone backward.

This is just the next nail in the coffin. Players who are accustomed to grinding out 500k or so a week (roughly 1/30 of what it takes to even unlock LTs) are not suddenly going to grind out 1.5m a week, even if the slowdowns are removed.


I forget where it was said. But I believe Sirrian came out and said we are playing too much at it is.
But here they are literally saying donate 3 times as much to get LT? Because the Delves weren’t a big enough gold dump. Since most players see it as impossible to get them all to 2500 even if you dump tens of millions of gold (total) into factions so the only viable option is Faction Assaults to complete them. More gems used instead of more gold so that should fn balance out.
And deeds are a gold sink as well. But too slow to see the results quickly.

When players have to use gems to get troops. Which is the overall intent with 4.7
They won’t be buying more gems to partake in your stupid guild events devs. They do it now because why not. But the events don’t justify the cost of real money. Not even close.

So as I’ve said in other threads. Your gold imbalance is 100% because of the Delves being too Difficult.