6x Animation speed please

Or something faster than 4x please. Thanks.


Be careful what you wish for, when 4x speed was first introduced several years ago, it resulted in guild tasks getting nerfed due to the extra gold flowing into the economy. Any additional increase in speed would more than likely trigger another nerf.


4x is fast enough. Just update the game to 4x speed while viewing troop cards


Yeah, @Madd_Hurricane is right. This is a game where you convert time into resources, since you get prizes per match. Faster multipliers mean you can play more games, which means you have higher incomes. So bumping the multiplier will directly correlate to lower prizes. (And the game is unfair to people who play on lower multipliers than 4x because of this: they make less per unit time.)

Well in that case, please cancel this request. Thanks for the explanation guys.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’d love it. But this is the downside of GoW being an F2P game with never-ending new content: they have to worry about how every feature might impact your income. If it were just a plain old “pay to play” like Puzzle Quest, there wouldn’t really be any harm in more multipliers.

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6x animation speed would likely introduce new bugs, like missing an extra turn, unable to cast a spell, etc. And yes, would probably mean less resources or more nerfs. It should stay like it is now.


Also remove loading screens with sliding bars that just waste time.