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Animation speed x4 slowed down?

Is it just me or did the animation speed silently get nerfed?
x4 feels slower to me since somewhere today.

EDIT: I should say I’m playing on Steam (PC).

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I don’t know about that, but I tried playing on 2x speed for the first time in a few weeks yesterday and couldn’t believe how slow it felt. I’ve clearly adapted fully to 4x speed. Bring on 8X speed!


We have all became Neo from Matrix, we can now see things we weren’t aware before, we understand the system :sunglasses:


Gameplay doesn’t feel like it has changed for me on 4X, but the loading screens feel like they’re taking a lot longer than they did a week ago.

Then again, I didn’t time them, so I have no data. Just observation and my gut.


I noticed it too, but it’s hard to tell if it was or if we really are just used to it now. 1x speed does seem slower than ever. I cannot believe we actually played like that.

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x1 in Unity is significantly slower than “normal” speed on Adobe, in addition to certain extra flourishes being added (like mass explosions and gem spawns/converts animating consecutively instead of concurrently, taking way more time overall). For the PC/Mobile crowd, we didn’t ever play like that.

x4 seems to be the same speed as it was yesterday to me.

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x2 is alot slower than before, its been like this for about 3 weeks.

We have not touched the animations speeds at any setting.

Most likely you have gotten used to the speed.


Will there come a x 3 speed, Nimhain?

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Changing speed to a lower value and then back to x4 seems to have fixed it.
Dunno what was going on there :confused:

Watch what you wish for. Doubling the speed from where its at might bring the removal of all Gems rewards from all game modes.:wink: ‘for the good of the economy’


Something definately has changed. You notice it especially during opponents turn.

It has nothing to do with gotten used to, because two players on different devices (mobile and steam) noticed it at the same time.

Yeah i play on ps4 but like i read it here im sure it plays alot slower my x4 so i migth try to switch to 2 and back to 4 maybe its fixed…