⚡ The 4x Speed Option ⚡

Dear Developers,

thank you for this blessed feature,

somewhow it made me relax much more in gow when i play at a full 4x speed,
now im relaxing as much as i was relaxing before guild wars!
it saves time but somehow also makes me skip the trouble of analyzing the board rng so i could focus on the actual strategy during play, its amazing :grin:

Ps. Please never think of removing the option or slowing it down! :yum:


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this is awesome. i no longer care if i’m losing. i guess before this i feel like i wasted too much time to lose a battle.


dont forget about x0.25 which seems unnecesarry, but i personally enjoy playing treasure hunting at this speed while listening to some classical music.
such an amazing experience.


I play GW at x2. All other x4.


4X speed amazing !!!

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I play GoW at x1. Because im the mobile peasent and we don’t have this yet.


I hope I will be able to try it soon :slight_smile:

But as a pure mobile user, there’s something I fear : a gap between PC and mobile user regarding this aspect. On PC, the loading time seems to be very fast (i check some YT videos to see). On mobile, it takes a loooooog time to navigate. I just checked to be sure : excepting the fight itself obviously, it took me around 40s in menu and (mainly) loading time to do an exploration (from global map to returning on global map).

I saw people on PC doing 4-5-6 explorations in 2 minutes, but this will be totally impossible for a mobile user. 2 min is just 3 x the loading time, without playing. In this case, PC players will be able to gather twice the gold/xp/TS etc. than mobile user can do. And this could lead to a imbalanced situation, mobile users won’t be able to compete anymore.

(And mobile users will spend more time looking at the “empty” screen than playing …)

Update on unity will maybe make loading shorter, but i’ve doubt. Wait & see, and enjoy the speed-up for those who can :smiley:


As others have mentioned, the situation was already imbalanced, just the other way around, as typically it is easier to get in more matches on a portable platform. The speed setting and resulting disparity seems like a tempest in a teapot to me, especially considering convergence is on the horizon.


I can guarantee you that us, portable players, are mostly playing from within our homes, where our computers are. I am not playing on PC because mine is so old I can’t even run steam. .
Only advantage of mobile is that i can collect tributes on a few occasions when i am not at home.


Myself, I play only at home on WiFi with a mobile.

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WiFi or mobile connection result in the same latency. At least for me.

Could appear like futile, seen from a PC user vision. But i assure you that spending more time in loading rather than playing is not fun :smiley:

One of my guild mate did around 300 explorations in … really little time. Just like this. For mobile user, this is already 3 hours and 20 minutes of non-playing :o
If we do a bit math, and say we spend 10 s for clearing an exploration with a Bombot/Elspeth set-up (with 4x speed, possible ?) And let’s say it needs 10 s for PC and 40 s for mobile to load and navigate. To do 300 explorations, player will need :

  • 1h40 on PC
  • 4h10 on mobile

Or on the opposite, during the time mobile user will do 300 exploration, PC player could do 750. This is no comparable to a finger goes faster than a mouse to move gems for me. If this is real case, how can mobile players could be competitive ? By playing same time everyday, a PC will do the same in 5 monthes than a mobile in 1 year :confused:

To be clear, i’m not raging and say i will quit, call the police gna gna gna … I just want to be constructive and point a possible problem. And i’m happy for PC users :smiley:


I play exclusively on mobile and although I’m somewhat bummed that mobile is now behind the curve it’s offset by the fact that I’ve had a Tribute collection advantage compared with PC/Console folks.

This is a good point, especially compared to console, it is much easier to consistently get tribute on mobile.

I’d like to add that I do both PC and mobile GoW, and I use mobile when at work or out and about. I’ll be on my PC when I’m home and I want to play GoW. I occasionally stream GoW on twitch from my PC too.

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I don’t feel bad for PC users because they can link their account and download mobile and check tributes on their mobile when they are away from the PC. I have done this myself, but mostly was a mobile only player because I like to make matches with my fingers rather than a mouse. Feels nicer.


I too would like to express my appreciation for the 4x speed option. It’s a game changer for me! Sure, I still lose horribly, especially to centaurs on steroids, but now it’s over so quickly, I’m on to the next match before the disappointment hits me :laughing: I don’t have to sit there helplessly and watch while the AI gets turn after turn after turn, it happens too fast to notice. I love it! And it’s just somehow… cuter? I can almost hear the pew pew! sound effects as the AI’s troops whittle down my team and it just makes me laugh every time xD

The only downside so far is that now playing on mobile feels like playing in slow motion :snail:

Please never take this away, I don’t think I can go back :smile:


Playing mobile feels like watching molasses now… I rarely do battles anymore on mobile.

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I originally started playing on console, and the only reason i gave up playing on it after investing so much time on it was to switch to pc/mobile so i could play when im at work or just not at home. Now that the difference is so major, it feels like mobile sort of got the shaft. I know it should eventually be the same, but i would of rather waited longer to have both at the same time. Switching from pc to mobile feels like 2 separate games now.



Could not agree more. I have found treasure maps absolutely boring AF until this. I have hundreds in storage, as I’m sure other long-term players do, as well. There is simply no way to use them because the time is better spent doing other stuff. Now, I can bang out 5-10 of them during a boring meeting and score some extra glory and gems that would have taken hours, previously.

There is so much that this option fixes. THANK YOU!!!


PC users can link accounts and easily collect tributes or whatever on their mobiles.

Mobile-only users are at a disadvantage time-wise due to this change.

“But you can just log in on your PC as well!”

Sure, if I had a PC, or if they made an OSX version.

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I kinda wish the hints was at 4x speed too. :stuck_out_tongue: