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Can you please add a 3x speed?(Implemented!)

As the title says…
I’d love to see a 3x speed option, mainly for guild wars. I play everything on 4x as anything else is just painful but for guild wars I’d like to drop the speed a touch. X2 is far too slow but you get to appreciate the explosions and characters as they cast far more. So for this reason I would love to see this added.


+1 for this, It really would be fun with a x 3 speed.


WOAH that would be super trippy and chaotic-good fun. Not sure about the technical possiblities of this but I don’t think it would be a bad idea. :woman_shrugging:


I see just now that Android and PC platform has a 3x speed.

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QFT…I just switched to it!

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Great, they might just have added it.

(±24 hours)



I just set up 3x speed and I really enjoy it! Best speed of them all :smiley:


Totally agree, this is the perfect speed for me as well. :hugs:

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This makes me feel really happy. Something I asked for in the game has been implemented and people like it. If they don’t, then fine it’s optional. Now I don’t suppose I can use my new powers to revert that ui…? Lol

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