Can We Get a x5 Speed?

So x4 speed is fast enough I know. But, just for kicks and giggles can we get an x5 speed? Why not? We have a torturous 0.5 speed LOL. I tried the 0.5 speed and OMG is it painful LMAO. Thought I would ask just for… Well… Kicks and giggles hehe.


+1 +1 +1 +1000000000

Careful what you ask for…
Last thing we need is a another gold nerf :neutral_face:


When they gave us 4x speed, they actually used that as a reason to nerf resources. So, let’s not go there with 5x. :stuck_out_tongue:

For those who weren’t around when it was added:


Haha, I’m not disagreeing, I’m just imagining a mode where everything is instantaneous and the gems teleport and it makes me giggle for some reason.

I think it’s contentious, though. There’s two reasons it might not ever happen.

The first is apparently the devs didn’t want to add multipliers in the first place. Higher multipliers mean you can play more games per unit time, and that affects the economy as Fiara pointed out. They can adjust the economy to compensate but not evenly; people who don’t use the multiplier are affected more than people who do. And there are sometimes good reasons not to use the multiplier. In the past, a lot of mana collection/extra turn bugs were tied to the x4 multiplier. The other reason is related to my secondary concern.

A faster multiplier means you have even less of a handle over what just happened than at x4. Sometimes my opponent ends a turn and I’m down 3 troops and I have no explanation for how we got there. I’m almost positive there are bugs I’m missing, but even if I had the game recorded it’d be hard to notice them.

It’d be fantastic if, like some other games, GoW had a log that listed what happened each move. I think that’d go a long way towards helping to identify some bugs, and it might make faster multipliers more viable. At least that way when the opponent gets a really lucky turn you can find out just how lucky they were!

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But are we getting no choice on difficulty and every battle is scalable? That should counter any argument the devs comes up with?

Something that wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes there was that gems were removed from LT as well.

I would like a 5x speed but never want it because rewards would be nerfed again.

PvP is already scaled against your level and team strength (unless you wanted to go Warlord in casual) so the removal of difficulty makes little difference.

Also consider where the gold lies…
It’s not Explore mode for sure.

Right. It was a complete resource catastrophe. There’s no need to open that can of worms again.


This would be awesome! I actually just discover the 4x speed last night… i finished all the kingdoms quest at the default speed rate!! Could of saved so much time…

would be better if the x4 was still active when troop window is open (ready to cast a spell). Background game is then playing in x1 speed, boring.


First thing that came to mind.


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I agree. But, if they did without a nerf… That would be fun. I already know it would never happen. Fun useless discussion tho LOL

Why stop at 5x ?

In the grand scheme, I think if I had to choose between an auto-play feature or 5x, the auto-play would be more convenient.

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Simple autoplay would be great. Then would come some super epic uber nerfs LOL