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Non game animation speed

I’ve been playing GoW for a while now. Certain things that used to be fun/exciting have overstayed their welcome. The two biggest:

The whole animation sequence for leveling troops
The animation for tribute/rewards.

Each time I see those I remember how much time I waste playing this game. That’s not a good feeling.

A checkbox to make those “instant” that only appeared once you hit level 100 would be fine.

Ideally a new level dialog that would allow you to level troops more than one step, but less than “all” would be great. Heck, adding a button on the kingdom power screen that would let you level the cheapest troop once would be super useful.


Yes, those anims bug the hell out of me every time (and tributes are on every startup…).

Also the trait animations at battle start.

I just want an animation speed slider. Why do the devs give us slow and super-slow as the only two speed options?

I want to scream when I sit there for 90 seconds while the computer finishes a turn that could literally play out in 15 seconds.

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I want an fov slider because of reasons, i swear i am not british.