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Easy fix to Talent Tree Hodgepodge

I see that the developers went for easy categories for the Class Talent Trees. Unfortunately this excellent idea and work creating the system it looks like they ran out of time. The Class should exemplify it’s function, I don’t want my Mech team to buff Styx or Raksha!?! The developers did include a Mech buff, but thought it would be interesting to put in the Knight Class…???

  1. Adjust the buff at each level to have similar power across other categories @Mithran pointed this out. For example here are two Level 1 Options: +1 Attack, +1 Attack in PvP only.
  2. Remove ALL race bonuses/nonsense from the color categories. Fire = Red Mana, Fire ≠ some Random Race
  3. Create a new category for every Race. Knight, Beasts, Mech, Dragons, etc should have their own buffs that apply to that race.
  4. Include the 3 RELEVANT categories for each class. Color, Race, and a 3rd pick
  5. Make Level 100 Interesting (something to strive for) across all the categories.

Talent Trees is an excellent idea, and the developers deserve lots of credit for adding something interesting to the game. Unfortunately the complete non-sensical, haphazard nature of randomizing abilities to Classes was a mistake.


I think it is fine as is. Is it perfect no but very good yes.

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Most of them are fine… The level 100 traits that don’t match the hero type are a bit absurd. There’s like only 3 or 4 good level 100 traits.

There’s also an example in one of the classes (bard I think?? Can’t remember) that says buff all allies magic by 1… or buff all red allies magic by 1.

Choices choices

Makes literally no sense in that regard.

Each hero should seem unique and should feel like it’s class. It would be a lot more pleasant to have classes that can specialize with a specific type befitting it’s own. Like the giant class being utilized with fellow giants. There should be a tree for that (and dragons!)

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The developers got super lucky with Bard and Priest at random. Some of the other classes make very little sense. What if divine priest gave a buff to Urska instead?

The developers have done a dis-service by limiting classes to Divine centric. But I suppose some players don’t like variety or seeing different builds.

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The devs designed 16 trees with 7 perks for each of them. Better than designing 3 trees for every class (right now it should have been x2 perks to designed).

So yes 3 dedicated trees for every class will have been better. But I guess that the design work is too much as they should do it for every new class. With their system, for every new clas, they just have to choose 3 trees. Simple. Note that they have 6 weeks between each class release… :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly mostly just this. Troop type is too arbitrary and restrictive, especially when many classes are already geared toward some kind of synergy with a specific troop type, and that doesn’t include many of the ones that get buffed by talents (mostly obscure stuff nobody uses… and divines for no reason). Color bonuses are fine and having things that aren’t perfectly balanced are fine (two of the same options at the same level with one being 100% better is pretty dumb, but understandable if the rest of the tree has some really good options to balance it out). Sharing trees is also fine, if they hit broad strokes instead of being overly specific (like with the racial stuff, and having generic traits just as powerful as color specific ones for the same level on different trees), and the reason level 100s aren’t interesting is because they are crappy minor bonuses to obscure troop types (and divines) that would be way better left to when they release an actual class for that troop type, which one would hope is coming for all kingdoms since that is now one of the requirements for kingdom progression.

The goal should be that the every option would, at some level of progression or with some combination of other talents and troops, have something that appeals to someone. Right now, theres just way too many things that feel like filler or non-choices across every single class, and this is particularly bad when a lot of the “fillery” stuff is the in the “powerful” level 40, 70, and 100 slots.


Design 3 Trees for each class?

I don’t think you read what I wrote. I’ll rephrase in a TL;DR

  • Keep the existing Trees, REMOVE just race perks (replace with appropriate color ability ones).
  • Create 1 Race Tree for each Class.
  • Pick 3 appropriate Trees. (1 would be the newly created Race Tree) e.g. Dragon, Beast, Divine, etc.
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You will still need to create a new tree for every class so X new trees (I don’t exactly know how many races they are).
And you will also force a class to be much more related to their race. So for example I used Archer right now and I don’t care about Elves…

But your solution is interesting and more determinist than the actual “devs chose 3 trees for one class pseudo-randomly” :stuck_out_tongue: .

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I think they did a great job with the Necromancer choices. Your idea is pretty good though. Not a fan of some of the weapon or color only bonuses.

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