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Talent tree failure

The talent trees are a good idea but the dev where to lazy to at least give each class a unique lv100 set of talents. The first stages are pretty universally useful but the last talent that takes the most time to unlock are useless on many of them. The bard class has 0 useful talents to the class type and there are many others in the same boat.


I disagree. I think the talent trees have been pretty universally a success. Bard is in a uniquely excellent position. It unlocks it’s most awesome talents before Level 100 instead of having to wait.

Thanks devs for this feature. I love it.


Bard doesn’t unlock anything special that all the other talent trees don’t have in them. I like the talent trees but the dev where lazy in implementing them. Every class should have a unique lv100 set of talents.

Talent trees are great! Level 100 talents are almost all very ho-hum. Couple of exceptions, but by and large not worth it, considering they take as much effort to unlock as all the other levels together.


Here’s a different way to look at it.

Some classes have better trees than others. I feel like they settle into three classes:

  • Unique
  • Flexible
  • Questionable

“Unique” classes are the ones that focus on something. They end up more powerful than other classes at that one thing. People agree that all of their bonuses scream you should do that one thing. If you diverge from that one thing, they get much weaker.

“Flexible” classes are the ones with spastic trees. They aren’t as powerful as unique classes because they don’t have a laser focus. But flexible classes tend to work with many different kinds of teams, and are still powerful enough to warrant using the hero instead of a 4th synergy troop.

“Questionable” classes are the ones that have such a loose focus they’re still not good enough to consider over a 4th troop. Maybe their synergy just isn’t here yet, or maybe it’s never coming.

I find complaining about the good “Flexible” classes to be the least productive. They have a purpose and I’d rather have more of them than a lot of “Unique” classes. It costs 50 gems to change classes. So long as that’s true, I want flexibility out of my hero.

Pick a “Questionable” class and complain about that. Something like Orbweaver that no one uses.


Bard IMHO is a useless class any other week than this week. There is only maybe 2 or 3 class that the talent trees help the rest are still garbage. After this week I’ll go back to one of 3 class unless the weekly event gives a good enough incentive to do otherwise.

Bard still has universally strong traits and talents - specifically, +1 to all stats for yellows every turn, and starting with 50% mana no matter what team you put it on.


I’m not a fan of a trait that is only effective on one color troop. It is nice for that color gw day but near useless any other day.

I disagree. I think most others here would too. Consensus is clear that Bard is hands down the best class for its traits. Gaining Talents seems to have made Titan very useful, and otherwise not hugely driven new variety.

My only complaint is that some of the skills like color changers with an explode gem skill will nullify a four of a kind.

Priest is by far the best class with the state the game is in followed by titan class followed by assassin class. Bard is only useful during wildfolk weeks and yellow gw days and yellow gw days priest is still the best option.

Bard is without a doubt the best class. I use it constantly. Perhaps it’s more likely that you haven’t figured out how to take proper advantage of it yet.


Bard is my go-to class most weeks. There are several good yellow-based teams, Divines is one of them. Every turn, Ubastet gets +2 to Attack and +1 to Magic. The team itself has no use for green mana, but a Bard can gain Enchant if you match green.

Bard is a “flexible” class. It’s not the most powerful class for a Divines team. But it goes well with my daily task teams, and Divines isn’t the only team that can benefit a little.

I haven’t done the work myself but I’m not accepting “every class is garbage” unless you walk through them and show how any viable meta team they might support isn’t helped. I kind of eventually want to do that work myself but busy busy busy.

Bard is one of my favourite classes. It’s one of the best classes we have.


Priest gives all divines 2 life every turn plus 2 life on 4or5 match. It also gives a team boost for using all divine troops and heals all troops by 2 every turn. I slaughter bard teams 10 out of 10 times I face them.

Priest is a rubbish class for the hero, as of itself. It’s just the best one to dump your hero into because of the clearly broken make-24-gems-for-7-mana weapon and the Divine meta. Priest’s traits and talents are pretty irrelevant for that.

Ymmv I guess - but I think you’re mistaken to disregard the Bard class - if you ever feel like using the hero for its own abilities.

Of course you do. We all do. That was actually exactly my point.

We are straying off-topic somewhat bickering about class preferences. I actually largely agree with your opening post about the design of the talent trees. I said much the same here:


The hero is still rubbish minus about 3 or 4 weapons.

Enough with the class warfare - we are all heroes :grin:


Regardless of what class you prefer it doesn’t change the fact that the dev where to lazy to give each class at least one tier of talents that are exclusive to that class.

Assassin class was my favourite before talents were introduced, followed by Titan and Necromancer. Nothing changed, getting Hunters Mark ability and 30% Dodge chance is great when you need to be in first place to assassinate.

Also, the Dark Venom talent is nice as a way to poison enemies for Scorpius so that opens up some interesting builds.

Certainly agree that some classes really focus on what they were already good at (Assassin) and others are more generalists.

I think the thing about talents is the same with traits, in general, the stat gain talents are far less useful than the ones that ‘do’ something. With respect to that there is a marked difference between some of the trees. Shadow vs. Morale for instance.

My class levels:
Necromancer - 84
Assassin - 76
Bard - 71
Titan - 64
Sorcerer - 64
Oracle - 48
Priest - 43
Mechanist - 43
Warden - 36
Runepriest - 33
Deathknight - 32
Dragonguard - 32
Orbweaver - 31
Archer - 30
Knight - 26
Warlord - 22