More class talent trees

So something like this doesn’t ever happen again.

(If fully traited then the hero already starts with 50% mana.)

Or… Allow mana buffs to stack. :person_shrugging:


Sunspear is worse.

Leaf storm or fire storm at the start of battle. :woman_facepalming:

I agree, we need more talent trees, preferably multiple unique talents for every class.


If we’re going to allow Mana buffs to stack, can I zombify an old idea of mine from yesteryear and suggest an inverse to the Medal of Anu? And coding so that said inverse Medal resolves after other traits and buffs and therefore could knock down an Empowered troop to 80% mana? (Or less, if multiple Medals are used.)


More talent trees? Just nerf Elementalist instead!


Have some :cheese: with your whine. Elementalist is fine.


Yeah, I was poking fun at the people complaining about Elementalist.

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I think Elementalist is fine. They really need to rework the other classes. Most of the talents are outdated and useless. Knights 2 armor per turn, anyone?


Existing trees need to be fixed. What is “Quick Study” in Morale tree (line, really)? What is “Exemplar” in the same Morale? Rework lame trees, please.

The fact that you guys feel the need to whinge about people asking for Elementalist to be balanced shows just how much of a problem the class is - it wouldn’t be talked about this much if it wasn’t. Also, this toxicity is exactly why people stopped trying to argue their points - gatekeepers like you guys.

I’ve not seen anyone arguing against the weaker classes getting reworks - that would be great. I would love to see them fix stuff like sunspear having three useless storms so people advocating for Elementalist being balanced wouldn’t be in here bashing this idea - my initial comment was going to be about ways for the trees to be changed as I completely agree but hey ho, people gotta be toxic I guess.


Toxic??? That’s just the smell of the :cheese: with your whine.

As far as I’m concerned, three classes are genuinely fun to play (Monk, Slayer and Elementalist) and 33 are shockingly unimaginative and dull at best and an absolute chore to slog away at at worst.

If you nerf one of those fun classes you’re down 33% the reason why people like me even do anything outside of GW, World Event, and collecting tribute anymore.

Yes, there’s a handful of ‘useful’ classes that I’ll play or put on defence because the situation calls for it. But they’re not fun, they don’t do anything special or exciting at all.

Sadly, Geomancer is another one of those ‘goes on the shelf’ classes. And that has me worried.

We’re back to introducing copy-paste classes to drag out the game, rather than thinking long and hard about how to make a class fun. It signals to me that nothing’s changed from when they were still machine-gunning classes at us (We’ll fix it later, don’t worry, lolz). There’s currently no interest in revising older classes.

Anyway, Elementalist, Monk and Slayer are not OP, in my opinion. They’re just fun. But when the overwhelming majority of classes is this bad, I can see why you might think the Big E is OP.

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I agree with OP for more talent trees. Regarding classes, I still find myself using different classes on different occassion.

Rowanne team - Doomsayer
Phoe team - Sunspear
Queen Benoxia - Barbarian
Zuul explore team - Slayer
Yellow event like this week - Stormcaller
Gold and Soul - Thief
Vault key team - Deathknight
Archer is good for EoE team too
And so on

As far as I can remember, I didn’t find anything good in Oracle.

Garyatrics bot helps what other classes are possible to use for the current event on a weekly basis.

For players who doesn’t have time to level all their classes, obviously can get stuck using Elementalist since it is an all around class.

I levelled my Geomancer to 100 over the weekend. It is not a bad class to level with Phoe. Got a lot of pets in PVP.

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Slayer isn’t op, it’s strong but definitely not op. I consider it around a similar level to titan, Monk, Frostmage etc. Elementalist absolutely dumps all over it imo and is the most unfun, bs thing to happen to gow since before the summoning nerf. You say removing it will take out half of the fun for pvp and GW, but it on its own has completely ruined both of those for many people, myself included. I no longer play pvp because it feels like every other fight is just yet another Elementalist team. Whoo…

Anyway, this really isn’t the thread for this - there’s an entire thread/topic of this argument

Sorry, you can’t have any cheese because I was taught not to feed the trolls.

First of all, I wasn’t asking for cheese, I was giving it to you to go with your whine. So, you’re attempt at a comeback failed miserably. Second, stop looking for the “easy” button and use strategy. I’m sick of people whining about nerfing this and that because they claim it is too hard and can’t figure out how to beat them. Overcoming difficult things makes you better. Why nerf good things so that everything sucks equally??? Instead of nerfing things, they need to focus on making more things viable. They can start with the so-called mythics they release each month. I find it amusing and frustrating that people bitch about things that cost little in resources (i.e. classes and Queen Bee), but there is no outrage on the resource cost for mythic troops that often don’t measure up to epic troops.

I thought we are requesting for more talent trees in this thread? Focus players.



Good lord, I can’t tell if you’re trolling or just toxic af. Ah well, response below;

  1. oh no, you didn’t like my comeback to your boring and dead joke, I’m so sad.

  2. nice strawman buddy, let’s dismantle it - how is asking for the most broken thing in the game to be power scaled to fit in line with the top 5 other best classes, asking for an ‘easy button’? I’m asking for something to be less powerful, not more. I’m asking for a class that doesn’t overshadow everything else so I can have fun using more varied teams in GW again. I’ve gone from having around 8 different classes across me GW teams to 2 and noticed a significant increase in wins when I swapped to Elementalist. You’re the one championing for the op class to remain op, not me.

  3. for someone who claims to hate whiners you’re bloody excellent at it.

  4. if you think everything but Elementalist sucks, you’re really proving my point for me. (inb4 “that’s not what I meant when I said everything sucks equally if we nerf Elementalist”)

  5. most of the big things that have been complained about in the past have been fixed and made the game better (see dragons eye, orbweaver summoning mechanics etc) so there is no way that this mechanic can’t be pulled back slightly, keeping it strong but not making it so that almost every other class is obsolete.

  6. again… Strawman… There’s plenty of topics and people raging about useless mythics and troops - this very thread is about buffing the weaker and worse classes ffs.
    (6.5) on the same note, one bad mythic doesn’t change the game. An overpowered and oppressive class or troop that completely changes the meta however, does.

  7. ‘overcoming’ one single class doesn’t make you better. I build different teams all the time, trying out themes and looking for new ways to counter different team builds etc. Now every single GW team I build focuses on countering Elementalist first and foremost because it’s op. This isn’t making me better, it’s just boring.

  8. as I’ve said before in this very thread, I am all for the weak stuff being buffed - I came here originally to discuss that very point, but you two just had to be toxic and whinge about something completely unrelated to the op
    (8.5) just to point out, the people to bring up Elementalist on this thread are people bashing the people asking for balance changes - you guys started this conversation and yet you say it’s always us. Take the plank out of your own eye before taking the splinter out of others.

  9. you may be sick of people asking for nerfs but I’m sick of power gamers going “just get good” to excuse their abuse of an overly strong mechanic.


War may have been a better choice than arcane as a talent tree, although still really not great… Plus, this is really just plastering the cracks.
I personally would love it if the talent trees could be completely overhauled and rebalanced with modern GOW in mind. The game has changed so much since they were introduced and having a level 100 talent be something like 'Taurus Allies gain 1 attack at the start of every turn" is absolutely wild. Honestly, I’d love to see them rebalance all the class traits too - make it so that oracle is viable for actual use :joy:


I expect we will see several more classes with the exact same talent trees for a long time/ever now. No change to class traits either. This is the GoW way.