EARTH'S FURY - Developers, Do an SGirl a favor

When I made the switch from my PC/Android GoW account to my PS4, and currently I have stopped ALL GAME PLAY on my PC/Android account, (A.K.A. My "Sephiroth’s Girl / PhoenixFlair_GX4I, lvl 150+), I obviously have given up every thing I gained since I started playing 04/2018 (I think, o_0, might have been 04/2017, LOL).

ASIDE From my VIP5+ Level, my troops, especially my FAVORED troops- some I paid good $$$ to obtain, my experience, Kingdoms, the GREAT guild I left, <3 FRiCTiON, lol… I was honestly willing to let them go to make my PERMANENT switch to the PS4.


EARTH’S FURY Though…Is the O.N.E. item I have found myself truly regretting not having.

I’ve been told by a little :bird: on both versions that the “Earth’s Fury” Weapon wasn’t on schedule at ALL for the coming 2019-2020 year.


<_< :droplet::sweat_drops:


Is that true? (If you CAN say, I mean.)

I wanted to encourage the Gems of War Team to reconsider if so. I am only a veteran player of nearly 2 years, but I have always, Always been a player willing to support the game financially and have done so. (Even WHEN $ was low, lol. I also make an effort to speak highly, Yet, truthfully), about the game title, the development team, etc…, LOL,

So, yeah, lobbying really hard to get another chance at getting one of my favorite items from GoW BACK! It’s been challenging ENOUGH starting over, especially on a “Global” where I don’t know the players again, lost my guild, pals, (’Sniffle’)

LOL Well, Ya’ll DID create a game environment where I was able to create good friends, play a great game, + more. If only I could work there too… LOL

But, I’ll settle for being able to somehow recover my Earth’s Fury if nothing else.

Alrighty, Thank Ya’ll for Yer Time. <3
Sephiroth’s Girl , Officially On PS4

Earths fury should be in the forge during grosh nak week

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That would be RopeDart not Earths

That is not true.

I wish it was Rope Dart and not the poor mans Mang.

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How? rope dart won’t make an entrance till end next year unless tranceworld made changes that I am not aware off.

Were you replying to noob or the OP?

Just a head’s up, but our schedule is subject to change.

That little :bird: was wrong.

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Rope Dart is a Pridelands weapon anyway.


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:kissing_cat::dash: That’s good to know

Thanks, :salt:Patra

:leftwards_arrow_with_hook:Back to the topic. So, yeah, thanks for :bow_and_arrow: that :bird: down.

I’m usually the 1st person to remind people that when it comes to things like this, unless the info comes from The Developers or The Game’s Official Website, don’t take it as written in Stone. Because even then, as mentioned, Scheduled Events CAN change.

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