Earth and air search active m,embers!

we are a guild at rank 276 in the league getting master III +240% gold

you can join if you contribute like 150 points each week
1 point = 1K gold = 10 seals = 10 trophies

we prefer members who will contribute 100K gold or more

if you can’t for a while just write in the chat

write your invite code and you can join!!!

we need a few active members to replace the inactive
now 1 slot free

I’m active! I will accomplish those requirements weekly.

IGN: Corntaker

thx corntaker, welcome!

i’ll replace members wich are not active enough
so we can get in the top 100!
so we search 2 new active members now!
we are not so active in the guildchat, but i’ll response

I’m active newbie player and would like to join.

Invite code: SPIKE_33

so you can contribute as recuired?

I’m active and would to join your guild I can complete these requirements Invite code WINGSTEEL