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Earth and Air wants you! Easy going, talkative, friendly. Join us!

Earth and Air is looking for new members like you.

We are not heavily competitive or looking to keep pace with top tier teams. We are a group of relaxed players who are looking to meet new friends while getting the most out of the Gems of War experience.

Earth and Air is a mature and well established guild. All of our guardians are @ 100%. We sit right around the 150 rank for Guild Wars. We hit 20k easily in seals, but are looking to add a few members who are more active to help us reach that elusive 40k mark.

We’re primarily a US based english speaking guild, but we welcome players from all over the world.

Ideally you are over or around level 500 and are active. We aren’t concerned with winning or losing as long as you give it your best. We also would like players who are willing to chat and help others as well. It just makes the game more fun.

What do you say? Up for making some new friends?

We still have a couple spots open for active players.

Hi All,

Earth and Air still has room for one more. We’re looking for players who are sitting around 500 or higher. Are active in Guild Wars and contribute to seals. Gold is great, but if you’re building up we will float you.
We use chat and enjoy having players who check in.

Casual group, but active. Let me know if you’re interested or just join and check in with us in chat.

We have another spot opening up this evening. Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks.

Daaaaamn Daniels! Earth and Air is Back at it again with the fancy white vans!

We’ve got two spots opening up tomorrow at reset.

Creeping for active players who want a casual guild with Anna Chive ( that’s active chat), guild wars weeks with 40k seals and a friendly helpful core contingent.

You are active in chat, don’t mind helping others and are looking to get the most out of the game. Ideally level 300 and up. Most of our core group is over lvl 1000 with most others coming in at 700 and up.

Drop me a message if your interested.