Willows #49 looking for active players [28/30]

ATTENTION: We are a top 50 guild that’s been around since the dawn of time and are looking for active players. We only require 150K gold a week and 100 trophies. You must be able to play guild wars every day! All guardians are over level 100 with a 320% daily gold bonus! Must be over level 100!

invite code PASSPRE
Level 1068

Invite sent!

invite code: HEINRICHE
Level 383

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Hi @Interstellarlunatic

I’m still playing very actively every day and reach all requirements without problems.

My invitecode is “DEMAIO”, I’m level 305.

I’m currently in a small guild but only ~5-7 members are very active, which is quite frustrating from time to time…

If you like to invite me, do I have to leave my old guild first (did not switch a guild in this manner before… :wink: )?

Thank you.

Cheerio Demaio

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Sorry for the late response. Both will need to leave current guild before invites. Would love to have you guys!

damn i already got one…ty for the reply though

Hi I’m interested to join in!

Lvl 241

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Hey again,

I’m sorry but unfortunately I joined another guild meanwhile.

Cheers demaio

Invite sent trakard!

Please invite me

Sleepy 9

Lvl 277

@Sle_epyPls it is saying your invite code does not exist. Check again and I send invite

@Interstellarlunatic hmm it should be correct. Maybe needs to be in all caps?

Still not working. :crying_cat_face:

I tried sleepy_9. Hopefully that’s you. I sent an invite to that… if not let me know

Interested to join… PM you and let me know if you a spot available

Looking for a home. Let me know if you still have spots open.

Yes I do! Send your invite code.

Your level 818
Kingdom levels all level 10, some 5 stars
Average weekly gold contribution 150k+
Average seals you get per week (and by when) 1200+ normally by Friday
Your usual weekly trophy count 100+

Invite code kangzz