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Looking for a good guild pc/mobile

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
I’m new here.
I have been working hard on GOW and I’m looking for a good guild to join. I put a lot of time into the game and I’m looking to work hard in a guild and get good rewards for everyone.

I’m currently level 180 but all the guilds ive been in so far don’t really contribute and we barely make level 3/12. :frowning:

Any offers please?


hi morph, i have a guild with a lot of newer people in it, I kick out the inactive weekly. Most are still working kingdoms so most gold goes to those, but this is what we have done so far this week we generally get close to 30k seals, I am pushing for more active people now though, and i expect to hit 40k in the not too distant future.image

Once you get kingdoms to level 10, and prove yourself to be active we can move you up to our more active guild that gets all tasks done plus a few legendary tasks and gets 40k seals every week

Sorry to hijack this tread but I would love an invite in your guild Fishinia, I play everyday!
I do not write well in english so I asked my bf to write this. I hope it’s not a problem for you, but I wanted to be honest about it.
My invite code is Cami_7

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Cami. I saw you looking for a guild. Earth and Air is recruiting. What level are you?

Hi Morph - we’re a relaxed Guild with a couple of upper level players (1,054, 856) covering the gold so players leveling kingdoms contribute mostly seals. If a lower level player starts a task indicating what they need, one of the upper level players with Kingdoms maxed will complete it for the guild. After opening up to all levels we’re invitation only now, weeding out inactives and building a solid core of active players who contribute through play and enjoy the game. We do Guild Wars and Invasion, so if you’re able to get through to the lowest rewards tier there, you’ll reap the rewards of our level players closing portals and beating towers. Only requirement is active play and seal contribution - two weeks inactive without notifying the Guild master = kick - and seal count is growing weekly. We have openings in you’re interested. Cheers!