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Holy Flames Guild recruitement

Holy Flames Guild Website.
We usually recruit on Monday.

  • Currently 0 free spot.
  • Lv.50-52 Statues
  • Guild level 166
  • +200% gold bonus
  • Top 200

2 spots will open for tomorrow

Im interested.

Bump. Still 3 spots left at the moment.

i have come to steal your recruits mwahahahahaha.

Bump, 1 place available.

Looking for an active guild member!

Bumb we now have 4 free spots, we need active members!

Would love to join PEANUT_9

Invite sent, welcome!

thank you :slight_smile:

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4 spots open, looking for active members

1 spot open!

I would love to join I am a very active player GAMBIT_9

send me an invite my code is JOCELYN_18

Which one? And both are in a guild

My mistake it will be JOCELYN_18 and I have left the guild invite me

invite sent.

1 spot opening

Heya there i recently started the game and im looking for a legit and active guild.

I can generate 1500 seasl 200+ trophies and i cant really promise 50000000k gold but ill do my best gave almost 70k last 3 days to an inactive guild.

Invite code : XDARKSLAYER