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Dungeons ? Shentang

So i am trying to get to the dungeons portion of this game and it says i need to " To unlock the Dungeon you must complete the Quest Lines in Drifting Sands, Shentang and Suncrest."

except Shentang does not show on my map. i know where it is suppose to be but it is not there. i have lvl 10 on every thing on the map have done all the quest lines in all of them and still it does not appear. So what am i doing wrong?

So noone has any advice

It depends where you are in quests.

Before you can Unlock Shentang, Drifting Sands and Suncrest, you must complete all quests in Dhrak-Zum, Khetar, and Dragon’s Claw.

To unlock those, you have to have completed Pan’s Vale, Khaziel, and Stormheim.

Those require you to have completed Mist of Scales, Forest of Thorns, Whitehelm…which require you to do Karakoth and Divinion Fields.

If you haven’t finished Broken Spire, Zhul’Kari, and Adana yet, that might all take a while.

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As ChunkyMono states, kingdoms are unlocked in groups, so you need to complete the quest lined in all the kingdoms in a group before you can unlock the next group.

Here is a graphic that shows the groups


So when you say “quest” we are talking about the class quest in each zone. because those are done also,
And looking at the list you provided i don’t have shentang at all on my map, but #6 unlock Dungeons
so that is what i am wondering is how to unlock shentang, because no reward from 1-5 on the list say i unlock shentang.

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The class quests aren’t required for Kingdom progression. I recommend filling out a support ticket. It could be a tech issue.

Edit: Be sure to mention that you’ve done all the pre-requisite quests, as well as a hard system re-set, to hasten a solution response.

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If you had screenshots I think it would be easier to help (i.e. spot anything that might be amiss), otherwise as you’ve said, there doesn’t seem to be any reason for it and would require a support ticket to fix.

My guess is that there’s possibly some small, unintuitive thing you might have missed, and if you give screenshots of your World Map, we’ll be able to help the most.


You say "The class quests aren’t required " but all i see under any kingdom with the word “quest” is class quest. sorry for being a bother but it still makes no sense. here is a picture of part of my world don’t know how to make a full pic but you can see they are all lvl 10 and shentang is missing in the mountains.

When you click on your profile, how many kingdoms you have there?

And whenothers talked about quest, they meant that:

29/34 the ones that are missing don’t show at all on map… and class quest i thought that’s what people meant thanks for clarifying

You probably need to complete all quests in your kingoms for the last ones to appear.

Here’s the kingdom unlock outline:

To unlock any of the kingdoms, you need to complete the quests in all the kingdoms from the previous tiers.

Looking at your kingdoms, it makes me think you’re playing on an old account, from before this unlock sequence was implemented, because currently, you can’t have Wild Plains before Shentang.

Go through all the kingdoms on the list in the groups 1 - 5, starting with the first group, at least one of them probably has an uncompleted quest.

But he is just missing 5 kingdoms and Shentang is in group 6, isn’t something wrong here?

Found this on GoW site.

So, he has Pridelands, which is group 10, but not Shentang?

Not necessarily. Not if he unlocked kingdoms before the unlock tiers were implemented.

You used to be able to unlock kingdoms in any order you wanted. Then an update introduced this, forcing you to unlock them in a specific order. This was after all kingdoms were released.
So an account that unlocked some kingdoms before that update can be in a state where they have kingdoms unlocked that they shouldn’t have access to. Now in order to unlock any further kingdoms, they first need to meet the requirements to unlock them.

Something small like an uncompleted quest in Whitehelm might hide Shentang from him, because that would hide all kingdoms from tier 5 and up.

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Yes, i missed bottom half of your last post. That is probably it.
I do not remember kingdom unlocking system from when i started the game over 2 years ago tbh.

I want to thank all of you for your help you have been a super community. I submitted a ticket and we can see what happens Thanks again for all the help

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But did you manually check all your current open kingdoms for not completed quests?

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The current unlocking system was introduced in 4.5, almost one year ago (Aug 28, 2019). You probably didn’t get to experience it :smiley:

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