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Need some help and pointers?

Hey guys
I need serious help i am trying to finish shentang, i have reached the last fight abd i can not beat it i can’t seem to find the right combo of troops and weapon.
I do not have soulforge yet as i need to clear some kingdoms.
So what troops do i need?
Also can i upgrade a legendary weapon to mythical?
Like i said i need help

Have a great sunday and best of whises
/ petri😃

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You just need a team that maximizes board control. I assume you are pretty low level so, …if you have the troops, I would try Alchemist, Hell Cat, Goblin Rocket, Goblin Rocket.
If you cannot beat it, just go to other kingdoms and level up more. Zeijin is a good place to go because the thief class and weapon are very good. try and complete the kingdoms that unlock soulforge and dungeon

You cannot upgrade a legendary weapon to mythic.

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Hi thx well i am lvl 160 and have a bunch of common, rates, ultra rares, epic, some kegendary, and two mythic troops at the moment, i actually cleared shentang today so now i am gonna try and get the soulforge

that is good, could I know what legendary and mythic you have?

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My mythic troops ( light blue) are:
The wild queen max level not fully traited on my team
Mother of darkness low level
Legendary ( yellow):
Bunni nog
Hyndla frost crown
Kruag the dread
Scylla max level one trait also on my team
Umber wolf max level had to level him for some fight

That was my mythic and legendary troops

Also i would like to know what troops i need to get maximum souls and gold frpm fights :smiley:

If you’re able to trait Webspinner, that would be a very strong combination with The Wild Queen, who doesn’t need to be traited to be extremely powerful. Look at the Webspinner’s traits, and if you have any available, consider using wisdom orbs until you have the 3rd trait. Essentially, the web will resolve prior to the 3rd trait being calculated and he always does triple damage to enemies not immune to status effects. This, combined with The Wild Queen’s cast, will make for serious damage potential and should cut through most kingdoms very easily.

One thing I would recommend would be equipping a class. I believe even if you aren’t using a hero (which you should be, so you can level your classes, as those class traits become much more powerful than most troops) you can still earn the weapon, which for plaguelord is the Essence of Evil. It inflicts all negative status effects at once and explodes the board, which generates mana for your troops. This will stun the top troop (turning off their traits like invulnerable and reduced skull damage), place hunters mark on them (increased your skull damage to them), and entangle them (preventing them from returning skull damage). It’s widely considered one of the best weapons in the game, and pairs very well with The Wild Queen. Add in the mana generation from the explosion of the board and it’s verging on ridiculous. Just don’t temper it to the level with Hex, it almost ruins the weapon and most people wish they could reverse that tempering level.

If you’re not already in a guild, join one, and make sure they’re active in weekly events. Events are the best ways to get orbs of wisdom to unlock troop traits early on as traitstones are harder to get. You can use these with impunity as they tend to drop with pretty regular frequency. Just hold on to orbs of ascension as the increased stats aren’t worth as much as the troop you can create in the soulforge later on down the line, despite how appealing they look on paper.

As well, you have Cedric, which makes another very strong early-midgame team, which is:
Egg Thief
Hero equipped with Skeleton Key and Thief class
Greed (some people use leprechaun, but I typically stick with Greed)

The way you get the Skeleton Key is by winning 250 battles with the Thief class equipped. It doesn’t need to be tempered to be good, and once you fill your gold meter in the match (the number at the top by the gold icon), it hits for around 100 damage to the top and bottom unit which increases as you increase your stats. Mine currently hits for around 140. Thief is a great class to level up for later on in the game anyways and works with several top-tier teams.

Hope this helps, the early game can be a bit confusing. A guild will also usually have a discord or other chat app and most people in this game can be very helpful when they want to be as we were usually helped by others on our way up the ranks. Ask all the questions you can and return the favor later on by helping out newer players when they show up, it’s a great way to build the community and hopefully foster more positivity here!

Edit: I also recommend checking out the subreddit. The official forums have a few community representatives that have more of a direct line to the developers so most of the discussion is from a dozen or so people who want to see mechanics in the game work differently and those threads tend to push questions for help down to the point where they get lost and go unnoticed like it seems this one did. The subreddit at this point is a much better resource for new players and any further questions you have if the guild you get doesn’t end up having a whole lot of communication (though I would strongly recommend finding one that does have a discord or line app discussion!)


Hey yeah i use warlord or totan class
Weapon i use is 5+mang my hero is level 175
I have no real good armor on him i have so many
Yellow weapons only two mythical
I also heard valkyrie is a good troop but i do not know how to use her so i should level up webspinner and cedric? :smiley:

I also use amaru fully traited and ascended to ultra rare is there a troop better than amaru? :smiley:

Subscribe to this channel, it will help with your game play. It’s new and still being developed.

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If you like Warlord, go for it, but there are classes that perform a bit better. My recommendations are for classes that include the Stone tree (rock solid), the Storms tree (Lightning Strike), the Stealth tree (Stealthy and Rising Shadows), the Water tree (Snap Freeze), and the Guardian tree (Banishment). Titan has both the Stone and Storms tree so it’s a great one. There are also some classes to look at due to some of the stronger traits in the game such as Archer, Assassin, and Tidecaller. Keylime has a great video on classes I’d recommend highly.

If you’re looking for good armor, save up 500 gems for the Dragon Armor. It’s a bit of an investment, but it’s the armor I’ve used since level 300 and the armor I’m still using at level 1,237. The gold boost is fantastic for leveling all of your kingdoms and contributing to guild tasks.

Definitely level up Cedric and Webspinner, at least to 10, and work on both of their traits as soon as you’re able. They’re both great troops but I neglected to mention Cedric also needs to be fully traited for his “moneybags” trait. It’s really solid and will help you with that skeleton key team as it allows you to up your in-match gold for the Key to do more damage when you use it.


Hey guys sorry for the delay i happened to use a ascesion orb on scylla so she is mythical now and then i used one more orb on cedric.
I do have one more orb but who should i use it on?
Hope everything is ok with you guys😃

Ascension orbs are very rare and valuable. I wouldn’t recommend using them on anyone except maybe a legendary Guild Guardian (so that your guild chests have more reliable, high-value drops).

So basically: save it for later. You’ll be glad you did :sweat_smile:

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Hey guys i have almost whole my team at lvl20 but my power do not want to go above, 6500 do not know what i shall do, i got the dragon armor is it because my titan class is below lvl40?

Team Power is a really misleading number. It really just tells you how many ascensions, traits, kingdom power stats, etc…

In other words: don’t worry about the team score, just worry about team synergy — if it works, it works, and is a good team that will only get better the more you play!


Ok thanks i was thinking i have Amaru in my team is there someone better purple hero or yellow?
He is good fully traited and i made hom/her ultra rare but sometimes , he is the weaker one so i am looking for someone better :smiley:

Yes indeed…keep those blue orbs in your back pocket. You might want to avoid using traitstone to some degree @EpicElfLord73 as well. At your stage of the game you will be getting lots of new and exciting troops so it’s better to build up a stash (esp arcanes from glory troop and explore) so you can boost them when they come along. Ascending troops with ascension orbs is hard to justify IMO. Be frugal.

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