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Explore 12 in Shentang not counting for Campaign gold task

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Describe your issue:
Just like the subject line says, doing gold campaign task, level 12 explore in Shentang and its not counting for the task.

Screenshots or video:
I will make one if I have to… just wondering if others are having same issue.

You have to complete the whole explore run (4+1), did you do that?


No, did not see that it had to complete the mini-boss battle

I kinda missed that too on first sight :slight_smile: but then i remembered it from the previous time.

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I do not recall it from previous time… but if this is the case then they need to change this wording as its completely inadequate…


Yeah… A “run” is a complete, well, run. A “battle” is a single explore match. Should be made more clear indeed.


yeah. I just did complete the mini-boss battle and it did count as 1…
thanks for the help.

Even after 4+ years playing I am still amazed at some of the stupid shit in this game that could and should be avoided with just a smidge of QA or testing.


I’m a professional test engineer actually, i’d be glad to be on their payroll :smiley:

Seemed pretty self-explanatory to me. When you do a “run” of something, it’s not a single event in that run. So when they tell you to do five runs, they obviously don’t mean five battles, otherwise they would have said that.


its obvious to me if they wanted me to complete 5 mini-boss explore battles at level 6 or higher then they should say that… I think a run is to complete the Mythic fight not just mini-boss, if your logic works for mini-boss then it also works for the Mythic boss…

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So I hate moon rabbit and his 25% spell damage reduction…Phoenicia is not one-shotting :frowning:


I’m not 100% sure but i actually think you get an extra point when finishing the Boss fight. Coincidentally, I had a Boss fight during the task and i think it added a point to the counter too.

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I don’t think so. I did 5 runs at difficulty 12 to complete it, I think 3 of them had a boss fight.

Hmm, must’ve been dreaming then :smiley:

Just to pop in and say: An explore run is defined as the 4 explore battles and the mini boss battle (and if this provides enough mythstones to unlock the mythic battle, the mythic battle forms part of the explore run too). The game actually looks for just that mini boss or mythic boss victory so you can have explore runs prepared ready for a new campaign task. Kind of like beating the system.

I agree that not everyone instantly knows what an explore run is so I try to list them on the bottom of my Campaign graphics to help clarify.

I’ll grab the link to the thread, it has lots of tips on that may prove useful


Makes sense! So i wasn’t dreaming the fact i received a point for finishing the Boss battle then. It was just because i didn’t receive it for the mini-boss battle in that case. Thanks for the clarification!


I really agree, here – would be very clear.

…but still incorrect. Because, as Hawx pointed out above, if after the mini boss battle you end up with enough mythstones to unlock the mythic boss battle, you are forced to complete that as well to get awarded the point.

All in all hard to find a better word than “run” to summarize the concept.

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You can’t start the next run unless you play the mini boss battle anyway, no?

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Correct, but you also have to complete your last run till the very end, be it the mini or the mythic boss.