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Forest of thorns quests

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

Forrest of Thorns should have all quests done, but it is showing that I am missing one, with no option to do the quest Pretty sure I had them all done previously.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

It’s a persistent thing

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!


showing the little red icon on the world map indication there is a quest to do as well.

Actually, from the placement, the map icon should belong to Dragon’s Claw. Did you do the new class quest there already? Before I did mine, I had the icon around there as well, if I remember correctly.

No idea about the numbers, though. I have it at 29/29, so I can definitely confirm that 29 is the correct number.

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You are correct, it appears I did not the dragons claw quest yet. I completed it wondering if it would happen to fix the Forest for some strange reason, it did not. Forest of Thorns is still showing 28/29

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Well, that’s weird - I had half expected that finishing Dragon’s Claw would fix the forest as well.
I completely forgot which class it was, but you do have the class from Forest of Thorns unlocked, yes? (It might have been Archer.)
Completely wild guess that is likely not true: Maybe the new UI only counts the last quest of a class-giving quest tree as finished when the class is fully leveled and you have the class weapon? I have no idea, just throwing things out here. Do other kingdoms have the same problem? Did you check them all?

I do have the archer class, and it was from Forest of Thorns

Karakoth also not showing correctly the rest looked okay


Okay this is really odd then. Especially since Karakoth is missing two quests.
Are you on mobile or PC? I’m on PC and just checked every single kingdom of mine and all display quests as maxed numbers, as it should be. I’m completely stumped.

PC as well.

Well, then I guess it’s all up to trial and error. Things I could imagine might change things/might be important to know to pinpoint the issue:

  • Try doing a challenge, especially in kingdoms where you might not have done them all yet. Maybe updating one number might update the others as well, even if the kingdoms are different.
  • Did you change classes recently which involved Sorcerer or Archer? It’s likely unrelated as I switched from Sorcerer to Bard two days ago and today from Bard to Dragonguard and all my numbers are fine, but still…
  • Anything else you did with these two kingdoms recently? Increased star level? Did a lot of explores? Anything that’s different there that didn’t happen in other kingdoms? Might be something obscure like ascending their designated plot epics…
  • Can you rule out that this might have been this way since the UI upgrade and you just never noticed? As in, are you sure this is a new bug that just appeared recently?

I did a few things to Forest, did an explore, did a challenge mission, even threw a bunch of souls and trait stones at it and raised it to 7 stars.

The only classes I have changed lately is when a new comes out, i switch to that and max it out. It has been a long time since i have used one of the weapons in any matches

I have not (purposely) done anything with either of those 2 kingdoms, other than maybe getting a troop from a chest. They have had the same star levels for a while now.

I cannot say for sure when this issue first appeared. I just noticed it tonight, It could have been that way since I finished the kingdoms,

For funsies I loaded the game on mobile, it is showing the same thing on my android

Man, this is really, really weird then. I mean, it’s not like you’re missing anything and if the quests wouldn’t be registered you could still do them and the quest symbol would appear on the map, so it’s clearly just a number display issue and not a gamebreaking bug, but… why did it happen? If it’s on your android as well, then reinstalling the game will likely also not fix it, I suppose (which would have been my next suggestion).

Honestly, this is just super-odd. At this point, I’d assume it’s really just a visible thing that somehow displays wrongly and can’t be rightened for whatever reason… You could try making either kingdom your home kingdom or fight an easy explore with just the hero and the class weapon from archer/sorcerer to see if using a quest weapon triggers something in the kingdom quest display. But I really doubt right now that we can figure this out, this would be something for the devs. You might want to send a support ticket since you already have the screenshots ready and all that.

I will try using the archer another day, I had just changed my class to dragonguard, since i had just finished dragon claw. I do not want to spend 50 gems to try it out. It does appear to be purely visual at this point. Bunch of good ideas of things to try, I appreciate the suggestions.

Hi Fishinia,

Had a quick look at your account. Looks like some battles in Forest of Thorns was stuck in incomplete state even though you finished them and were able to finish the quest.

I’ve fixed this up for you so next time you restart the game, Forest of Thorns and Karakoth quest battles should be 100% complete.


@Nimhain puttin in work like an OG gangsta!

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Glad this got resolved since it boggled my mind so much! Awesome stuff!

That did it, thank you very much!