Drop rates

We can all see the drop rates from chests, and that’s great :slight_smile:
However, we don’t have drop rates for troops purchased as part of event bundles.

I’ve had people in my guild and elsewhere spending loads of event keys trying to pull TINA, Ironhawk and even newer players trying to pull Tesla. I have 2 brothers in my guild, both new to the game, one pulled 3x Tesla, and the other got none.

Obviously, as guild leader, I’d prefer them to spend gems on event tiers/bundles so they can contribute to the event, but I was wondering just what the chances are of pulling troops this way, as opposed to just buying event keys.

In this week’s world event:
Tier 1, 2 eligible troops, 30 gems, 15 each
Tier 2, 4 eligible troops, 70 gems, 17.5 each
Tier 3, 6 eligible troops, 150 gems, 25 each
Tier 4, 8 eligible troops, 250 gems, 31.25 each
Tier 5, 10 eligible troops, 350 gems, 35 each
Tier 6, 12 eligible troops, 500 gems, 41.66 each
Tier 7, 25 eligible troops, 500 gems, 20 each

Of course, that’s in addition to the other stuff that we buy tiers for, but I’m particularly trying to help players pull troops, and want to compare with simply buying event keys.

I’ve certainly had mythics and legendaries from world events, so the chances must be reasonable. But I would like to see the drop rates before I can recommend players spend hundreds of gems on event tiers in order to try to get troops.