What are the odds per rarity for World Event Shops?

I’m hoping I’ve just been searching poorly but I’m trying to find information on what are the specific odds to pull troops per rarity (but especially mythics) from the World Event Shop, ie this:

Has it been published somewhere?

It’s handled server side, so there’s no way to tell. It’s likely somewhere around gem key rates. Infinity Plus Two isn’t exactly known for reliability though, especially in areas hidden from public view, so just pretend the best you can get is an ultra-rare troop when deciding to buy another shop tier.


Thanks, that’s sadly along the lines of what I was expecting.

I still got tempted and bought Tier VI and 2 Tier VII and indeed the best I got was Ultra Rare. A swing and a miss!

I got Hatir and Skroll from a T2 purchase last week and Krampus.

Unfortunately not needed but…