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Dragonguard Training (bug)?

Huh. Just saw that four more quests are available in Dragon’s Claw. Upon starting one, I got this beautiful thing:
Closed everything then (I don’t wanna miss storyline stuff). Is this normal? Should we do this quest?
Also love the “okay” of the hero. Chill as usual, even though Visk turned into a robot temporarily. :stuck_out_tongue:

My best guess is that this is an upcoming dragon class quest line that will come hopefully before xmas, cant guarantee I am right tho.

But it’s online right now… (at least on Steam) after the update which happened today.

New quests in Pan’s Vale too.

Out of pure curiosity I did the 4 quests in Dragon Claw…
Class did not get open tho. I am sure this is a bug and not intentional, since the dev would had made an Official News thread if new classes would be released now. I am just glad to know that a Dragon class will hopefully come in the near future.


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I completed the quest! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Checked my classes immediately and… no Dragonguard. :cry:

I’m sure it’s just a bug/leak, they’ll have it fixed ASAP.

Edit: Totally SNIPED by @Eika!!! Photo and all!!! :joy:


I did the same for DC and PV and both classes are not unlocked

they are bard and dragon guard

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Anyone knows when these classes comes? :stuck_out_tongue: I really wanna mess around with dragon class, I cant wait.

Should we not get some gifts next Monday for the anniversary? :slight_smile: