Dragonguard teams!

We got a new class today, Dragonguard. What kind of teams are y’all trying, and are you finding them to be effective?

green seer
giant spider
black manacle

ok-ish, poor man’s gard. as long as no freeze involve.

Currently using

Mountain Crusher
Dragon Soul
Ancient Golem

Doing well with this team.

I guess when i will make the new heroes class full trait, i will try this team :

"baby dragon maker"

Probebly not the best, but I think i will enjoy to see this bloody mab or kraken become a lovely baby dragon with 0 attack. :slight_smile:

Btw out of topic, but when i see the new heroes class, i think it’s time to upgrade the old heroes class. for exemple, Guardian class : +5 armor for the ally. I wonder if there any fool who ever use this “amazing” class…


Well, was really looking forward to using this new class and weapon. Finally got my 250 wins and started using him in pvp only to find surprise surprise its buggy as s*** like every new thing added to the game lately. The game freezes at several points throughout the battle and at the end. And to make matters worse the weapon is supposed to destroy 25 gems but looks more like only 5-10 to me. Super disappointed to say the least. I’m on XB1.

This class will be hard to evaluate.
TDS + Krystenax is already a ridiculous combo.
A team of TDS + Krystenax + an old dirty sock + an elven armpit would already win often enough.

So you add a guy that just makes the dragons better on 4 match? Easy peaches.

So yes… TDS, Krystenax, Sylva, Hero with a rubber sword.


Maybe they can add a Krakenguard class next. Kraken teams don’t have enough love, and are just barely usable. The hero could probably have a trait like “Tentacle damage is quadrupled” and only a handful of people would start using Kraken.

Glad we’re fixing underused meta teams like “TDS + <the rest of my team doesn’t matter>”. It’s really disappointing when I go to PvP and have to fight a team that isn’t TDS and Krystenax.


This game needs way more focus on Dragons. For example there is a paucity of only 30 Dragon Troops available. /s

This class is for China and pretty much no other market. There I said it.


I was thinking the new class would be Troll-O-Tron

“All Trolls start with 7x Mana and spawn 1.75x the Gems and instead of Mana they spawn Skulls. Plus all Trolls acquire the Tentacles Trait”

I did use it in Beast teams, with Forest Guardian - you can get 50% starting mana and benefit from the Barrier on FG’s spell. But you can also get 50% starting mana and the Bullseye insta-RNG-silliness trait from the Archer class so I generally switched to that.

Ollie the Cat


Ollie the Cat is also my favorite troop :joy:
Still working on the stones to get the 3rd trait, 9 Lives!

A lovely baby dragon is 8 red mana away from becoming a full grown dragon.

I wish. The problem with Dragons is that they are ridicolously open to all kind of attacks.
They are powerful (Correction. An handful of them are powerful) but indiscriminate; also slow to build. Until TDS manage to charge up, at least.
I’m quite particular about the dirty socks to pair with TDS and Krystenax , they can go bad spectacularly fast with the wrong pair.

You are being sarcastic. I have this to say, enjoy your dance with dragons. After that it get worse. Both a boring and a slaughtering kind of worse.
(Beating dragons is great fun. I personally enjoy meeting Elemaugrim, but TDS in defense is a desgrace too. In general Dragons are a desgrace in defense.)

Given how omnipresent TDS and Kryst are, I beg to differ!

I was being sarcastic :laughing:

Sorry, I edited-in the sarcasm notation to the original comment.

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I changed to a new purple team for GW this week. Problem is that the Bard class is far stronger and has general PVP application as well as some GW teams.

Hellcat // Rock Troll
Hero w/ any purple weapon (I’ve got Creeping Death) - Dragonguard
(@ Abyssal Banner still?)

An alternative for Purple day since the double troll combo in Red doesn’t work here. Hellcat and Elemaugrim both cause a lot of extra turns, causing the trait to trigger and buff Elemaugrim (and the hero, whatever that’s worth).

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Now I realy want these 2 cards to be made, Old Dirty Sock and Elven Armpit.

and this Rubber Sword Weapon huehueheuheuheu