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Dragonguard bug?

My character is now a dragonguard. From what I understand, that means I count as a dragon. When I play with my dragontaur, I get more attack when he casts his magic. However, my dragon soul dragon does not see me as a dragon. It only scores for three dragons not four on my team.

In order to be counted as a dragon, you have to have 50 victories and set that as your class perk.


A-ha! Thank you!

After winning 53 games, my original claims stands. I am not getting credit for being a “dragon”. My Dragon Soul dragon only score 17 when there are 4 of us (it scored 20 if I use 4 dragons). Also, I was incorrect; my Dagontaur DIDN’T give me attack points, and that remains true.

I just tested it. My dragon soul did 20 damage. Are you sure you set the perk after 50 wins? If you did your hero should say dragon.

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Doh!!! Just tested it. It’s fine… I’m such an idiot.

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dont feel bad lol. when classes first came out i didnt know you had to Select the perk as a button :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’re not an idiot! Do not feel bad for having trouble finding things. It is the fault of the User Interface which makes things very difficult to understand without drilling down and exploring.