Dragonguard class perk - solved

I have set my Hero to be a Dragonguard. I have over 50 victories with him therefore the perk “Dragon Friend: The Hero counts as a Dragon for Team Bonuses” should be active. I put my Hero in a team with Dragonian Monk, Dragon Soul and Asha; 3 other dragons. However, the Dragon Captain perk reads: “All troops gain… for having 3 unique Dragon troops.” The King of Dragons perk works just fine however; it recognises I have 4 unique troops from Dragon`s Claw.

Set your hero’s class to be a Dragonguard, get at least 50 victories with him, create a team with your Hero and 3 other dragons from Dragon’s Claw, and click on your Hero (or any other team member) and observe what the perks say.

Please help.

Did you activate the perk, bearing in mind that you can only have one of the perks active at a time?


There’s my problem!! I was not aware I had to choose a perk! I thought all 3 were active.
Thanks! Now it recognises I have 4 unique dragon troops. But I lost the +8 Armor perk! So many choices!!! I want ALL the perks!!!


Decisions, decisions lol
Glad I could help!

I changed the thread title - problem solved.

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