[Not a Bug] Dragonguard level not increasing in vaults when using a certain team

When I’m playing in the vault I should be getting 2xp for each game I play, I’m using draonguard class, with the team I’m using, nothing is adding up, I’ve played about 80 vaults keys and no xp. I should of gone up 2 levels already, any other team I play, no problems, the team I’m using ,king got ruffle, queen Beatrix, moonsinger, malcandessa

If you aren’t using the Hero in the battle itself, you don’t get Hero XP.

You’ve listed a team that you’re using that does not contain the Hero. If that’s accurate, there isn’t a bug here.


Kezef is right!

To add to that: Using a Hero means also putting a weapon on your team, just equipping a class won’t do.

I forgot, I think I’m losing my mind, please delete this post