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Explore, any level NOT giving Class XP with specific Build

Platform, device version and operating system:
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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Build: The Dragon Soul, Pharos-Ra, Aziris, Umberwolf
Played at explorer any level with deck troops should give me XP on CLASS, but not XP is earned. Tried with other builds end works perfectly…

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every single time.

Steps to make it happen again
Play explore on any level with: The dragon Soul, Pharos-Ra, Aziris and Umberwold with any class that is not leveled to 100 and it WON’T give you any XP on the and of the battle.

From the official game guides:

Equip a Class to a Team and use your Hero in battle to increase your Champion Level by earning Class Experience (XP). The more experienced your Hero is with a certain Class, the more special Talents you can unlock and equip!

  • The Class must be equipped to a Team and a Weapon must be selected/the Hero recruited to earn Class XP
  • Class XP can be earned in any game mode except Training Battles and Arena.

Hi @Asmodeus-Dagon! In order to earn XP, you have to have your hero (with weapon) included in your team.


To be fair, this confusion happens again and again. Maybe a QoL suggestion for the devs would be to remove the „class“ shown on the team when there is no hero?


Didn’t know about that, i always used weapons in team this was the first time i tried without it. thanks for the info.

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I did it to myself too. I agree with the others that there should be a QoL improvement that could be done to make it a little less confusing.

Agreed. If there is no Hero in the team it shouldn’t display one.

If you do not have a hero equipped, but still have the class selected, you still gain class victories towards the 250 needed for class weapon. meaning bounty battles etc can be useful. I actually unlocked Oracle weapon with Oracle class level 0