Dragon soul please

Hello all
How can i have the Dragon soul…I suppose with keys but witch one ??

Best chances to get him would be:

  • Stack your event keys and wait for a Dragon’s Claw event, then spend your event keys.
  • Save at least 800 Diamonds then wait until he is appearing in the Soulforge.
  • From the shop, whenever he is in a pack, 50 Dollars is needed, but you get some resources too.

You can also get him from glory, gem and vip chests. But he’ll be competing with every other troop in the game. Rares and above in glory, ultra-rares and above in gem, and epics and above in VIP chests.

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Nothing is ever certain when you open a chest. You just have to keep trying. Some troops will elude you for what seems like forever. Others you will have so many copies of you will be sick of seeing them. Basically, it comes down to luck and resources. Get in a active guild so you have plenty of resources and the luck will take care of itself. Happy hunting!


Must be so many players longing for this troop since it got this amazing new trait rework…