How do I get The Dragon Soul

How do I obtain it and if not right now whwn can I I’m a new player and the card will be really helpful

He’s in Glory/Gem/VIP chests.
Use keys to open them and hope you get lucky.

If you complete the kingdoms to unlock Soulforge (Blighted Lands) and Dungeons (Drifting Sands) you’ll be able to craft him, this may take a little while though.

Each week there’s a new event, when that event is The Dragon Souls home kingdom (Dragon Claw), he can be found in Event chests.

If you’re active try and find a guild to join, that’ll help you get recourses to unlock chests.


Thanks AngryMidget

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There are three ways to acquire useful troops in Gems of War, and all of them require waiting if you specifically want The Dragon Soul.

  1. Every week, there are 2 legendary (or I think sometimes Mythic) troops for sale in an offer that displays a popup window whenever you have something else to do. The prices are usually either $29.99, $49.99, or $4,999.00.
  2. In the Soulforge, you can use diamonds and souls to craft a set of legendary and mythic troops that rotate weekly. Diamonds come from the dungeon. If you farm consistently, it takes maybe 2-3 weeks to get one legendary or about 9 weeks to get one mythic.
  3. Or you can wait and just keep using keys to open chests. It’s gacha mechanics, so you never know what you’ll get.
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A running gag @Shimrra :wink:.

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He was the Business but, seems 2 be the victim of his own success & been crucified in the process of update & loads of whingers!! I acquired my 2nd D.SOUL in glory!! I thought it was Xmas !!