Is Yao Guai worth 800 diamonds?


I’m a fairly new player & I finally accumulated 800 diamonds.

Should I use the diamonds on Yao Guai or continue saving for something in the future?

Thanks in advance.


Yao worth 2000 diamonds

Its a nice troops but if you need a mythic you might want to keep saving for them first

But if you decide to craft him you wont regret i use him alot


Absolutely. It is worth more than half the mythics in my book.


From a collectors’ standpoint I’d advise against it, however… with your first 800 diamonds? I’d say do it, he’s strong as hell and combos with some easily-acquired troops.


Absolutely! Get it before you regret it!


If you have some event keys, you can wait till the next Shentang event coming soon

It is a good troop though


Definitely worth it.


I’d use Event Keys now trying to get Infernus.


I’d advice against ever direcly aiming for a specific mythic with event keys unless you swim in event keys because you are in a guild flooding you with them through tasks, in which case you are probably not here on the forums asking if a particular troop is worth 800 diamonds in the first place.


Only if you have specific teams in mind. Not worth crafting if you don’t have the supporting troops.


Yao guai doesn’t need any support he can solo a whole team lmao. He is the best legendary maybe the dragon soul for newbie is better but besides that none come close.

Yao guai is better than at least 80% of all mythic.

In bounty he is a godsend, in PvP he can easily fit into many team.


I got him.

Thanks for the advice guys.


Eh, it’s too late but what troop you should shoot for depends on what you have.

TDS should be priority #1. It kicks butt and farms souls. The traditional choices after that are Pharos-Ra, Infernus, and Ubastet, but I would not blame someone for detouring and jamming Yao Guai in between.

That said, 800 diamonds isn’t a lot, so if you made the “wrong” choice here you got a really strong card and didn’t lose much.


I agree. I think you can’t go wrong with Yao guai


Yes, absolutely, so long as you have 800. :smile:


He is pretty great. Good luck!


Do you have Pharos Ra?

If the answer is no, then don’t.

Get PR first.
Legendaries are easy enough to get in time.


If you have Gorgotha, then yes go for YG. As @shimrra says, YG is very strong and easy to combo into.

Otherwise wait for Gorgotha. It’s the one troop that’ll be a base for so many team designs.

Edit: and then I read the thread and realised you already did it. Skills.