The Soulforge for Gems Of War

Does anyone know when the dragons claw kingdom will be a event?

Unfortunately no Dragon Claw event scheduled before june 2th

We can figure out the upcoming events up to the end of august using

But you are correct, there is no scheduled dragons claw event in the near future

Why is Soulforge in the thread title? The question is about spoilers.

Because I want The Dragon Soul and thought that if it’s that characters week in event that I could get it and wanted to know how long I would have to wait for The Dragon Soul to become available

Im not sure but it think the forge rotation doesn’t work that way, it’s random

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Oh then maybe I could pull it from the chests that is also the reason I wanted to know when it’s a event

You can save event keys for when that kingdom comes up.
Better to use soul forge for Mythics

@Mariana thanks for the tip I appreciate it

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