Dragon egg rework

We were told they were going introduce a new way to craft specific dragons (soon) I would like to know when… I am tired of sinking EVERY gem I get into dragon eggs and getting copy after copy of dragons I already have while still missing 2 dragons… not to mention the jewelry to craft diamantina … This is the worst thing the development team has done to date… with the dragons it’s a massive gem sink WITHOUT any remorse, understanding or continued info on this subject… They are INTENTIONALLY taking our gems without any real plans on giving us what we EARNED… Honestly they should get into trouble like EA did… This is LOOTBOXES… Plain and simple… The devs are stealing from us and calling it RNG… It’s not RNG … This isn’t conjecture… This is fact… Look at the dungeon guides and the amount of gems we are forced to spend just for a small chance to get what we PAID for… Thievery plain and simple… Personally I WASTED 5600 Dragonite on copies only… Give us the other way to craft the dragons we need already… Please… Go ahead and unlock the ability to craft certain dragons


It’s next year. Where is the duplicate protection. Fix dungeons. Its still not true RNG. 4 perfects since the start picking the same 3 rooms. Do the math and probabilities. I should have had many more.

Oh yeah, there is a rumor dragon gnome have been added. Give us a month of 100 times chance to spawn.


@Kafka what’s the official stance on the jewel dragon crafting?..

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Bumping this because it’s “next year” now and we deserve information.


They do NOT care about their customers


Dragon eggs are not the most problematic form of lootbox in this game. There is, so far, a stable, limited amount of six drops with equal chances (although I suspect and worry, that additional dragons will be added over time).

Now, why don’t we talk about Cedric in vault fights for a moment, and the ever decreasing odds to receive a specific tarot troop from him…?


Yes they are. It’s a slow grind for dragonite that you have to spend gems to get any. Yes 4 perfect runs only. Then you see it wasted on dupes.

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And it’s a slow grind towards vault keys, and then you see them wasted on orbs of growth and your thousandth Cedric troop.

Not that any of this matters to a new player, who has his eyes set on Zul Goth. You may have forgotten the years, you spent to get those blue orbs. I have not.

Dragonite is one of the lesser evils. But it is the one, that hits all players equally.

Those eggs are easily the most problematic form of lootbox in this game. They’re currently the most expensive resource to buy (via gems or via rmt) and getting a duplicate dragon is basically throwing all money spent in the trash. 5+ of the same dragon is truly useless.

At least with Vault Keys, you get “something” and usually “something useable” even if its not what you’re looking for. Vault Keys are readily obtainable during Vault Events. No such fortune with farming Dragonite (naturally) or gaining Dragon eggs.

The duplicate dragons are problematic… Most other games have a dust system or rewards currency on duplication. Here, there’s nothing. I’d imagine this would gain public backlash in the gaming community except Gems of War is too small to be on any radar from the general gaming audience.


Vault keys a slow grind? You should easily get 200 in 8 g-a-ps. Plus 20 evks.

I was sitting on 1900 vks. Used 750 since the new orbs came out.

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Forgot how there can be magnitudes of difference between any two players?

For example, I save my GAP verses for Vault Weekends, but this is highly reliant on me actually acquiring the correct verse (I think it’s Verse 3 I’m short on compared to others), so the last Vault Weekend I couldn’t craft a one.

That tells me you are not an elite player and I see how your views are slanted. Vks are a dime a dozen. Verses are too. You may need to learn how to grind quickly with 2 iron hawks.

I agree here. The gnome troops are hands down the absolute worst “dilution” in vaults. I have (iirc) nearly 100 Cedric. I don’t need them.
I wish that once a vault troop dropped enough to mythic that specific troop, it would vanish from your pool.


Make it just like Guardians (who, like the Vault, also does not have a kingdom on the map), so that once you hit 4 mythic, they are dropped from the pool.
Or, put the Tarot cards IN THE ACTUAL KINGDOM they are from, so you can use vault keys when they come around.

These suggestions have been said for YEARS. Devs too busy squeezing every drop from us players to implement any kind of change.

And they wonder why revenue has dropped 30+% (From what I could find).
You don’t need more money making gotchas. You need to improve your game so that people enjoy playing it. Grinding away day after day for resources that are too easily wasted (dragonite) is not fun or enjoyable.


Finally my 6 dragons are sitting by the fireplace at home, waiting for Diamantina.

5, 4, 3, 3, 1, 1 is my bunch. Minor weapons crafted, so 1000 dragonites for last weapon and 1000 more for Diamantina.

One last month spending gems and this uncertain journey will be over.

I have played for 7 years and I swim in resources, gems included, but I really think this needs a change. Tons of low level players must feel even further from Diamantina than Zuul, which is a much better troop.

To choose which dragon to craft may be too much, but 4 max copies per dragon still leaves room to randomness (24 tries in worst cases mean a lot of collected/purchased gems).

Listen to your players, devs.


The complementary slant on your views is just as apparent. (I also kinda wanted to just drop the “whale” label into the discussion and walk away, but doing that would not’ve improved any moods, correct?)

I’m only VIP level 2 (with no desire to ever spend higher than VIP 3), I work a full-time job leaving me roughly 5-6 hours free time each day, about 2 of which (1 if I can) gets spent on this game.

Still no word, not surprised

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Still at 4 unique dragons after 15 summons. :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:


As far as I remember, we were promised a different way to craft dragons “this year.”

It is now the second week of 2023.

Until there is any further update on this, it is really up to people if they want to keep “rolling the dice?”

You mean loot box.

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