Dragon egg rework

Maybe you need to remember that many players don’t have everything you do. It would be nice to have even one Iron Hawk, never mind two. It would be nice to have your luck with vks. And dungeons. It would be nice to get all four verses, instead of the same one 70% of the time. It would even be nice to get the mythic-of-the-month even 50% of the time, instead of 2% of the time.

The game is not for elite players only. It is for every player.


I don’t understand why players keep spending dragonite when they know they’re more likely to get a dragon they already have. I have no sympathy for people bemoaning their 6th duplicate dragon, when this has been a known problem since 2 weeks into the revamped dungeon.

The devs are not forcing anyone to spend gems (or cash) for dragons or for anything else. The devs have said they’ll address the problem this year. As someone has already pointed out, we aren’t even 1/2 way through the 1st month.

Anyone who would rather throw insults than offer constructive observations at the makers of the game can chalk it up to a bad experience and play somewhere else. Insults do not encourage anyone to do better.


Some people just like to roll the odds. It’s (1) the only way to acquire these troops currently and (2) the only use for Dragonite to begin with (dragons → weapons → Diamantina).

As for me, I’m willing to keep crafting Gem Dragon Eggs until I get my first dupe, however long that streak lasts. (If I can snag Garnetaelin then that unlocks crafting one of the new weapons).


There’s being “elite”, and then there’s being elitist.

I for one am in the “every player” camp, so by the time I even have enough Dragonite to start worrying about duplicate Gem Dragons at all, maybe the improvements will be in?


That’s my hope!

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