Double Standards?

You sliced TDS powers because he could respawn after death but yet you allow a player with the Thief ability to respawn a thief even AFTER the thief had been killed. DOUBLE STANDARDS?

I don’t think that’s the bandit’s ability. I think that’s the hero’s ability. You gotta take out the hero for the opponent to stop spawning bandits.

The TDS story is actually more sordid than that.

The reason the third trait was changed was NOT, on the record, that they felt it was too powerful. It was changed because apparently the first TDS 3rd trait was so bad they substituted Infernal King’s for it, and they “always intended” to give it a new and unique third trait. They just didn’t get around to that until there was a very large and loud player opinion that it wasn’t working properly/was too powerful on TDS.

So officially speaking this isn’t “a double standard” because IIRC the devs were pretty careful to never go on record saying they thought TDS’s third trait was broken.

I don’t see a double standard here. There are plenty of troops that spawn a troop (even itself) after death. TDS was just considered too powerful with this trait, so it was substituted for a lesser one.

I think the original third trait was supposed to transform one of your other troops into Dragon Soul whenever Dragon Soul died. Except that there were some implementation flaws that caused all kinds of weird side effects, so the “temporary” quick fix was to give it a copy of Infernal King’s third trait.

Yes, and it was also one of those rare instances of a trait that could be seen as a downgrade. You often don’t really want TDS converting another troop to itself because that can wreck your remaining team strategy in unpredictable ways. A bunch of forumgoers were avoiding purchasing this third trait as a result.

This is also why Lord Ironbeard was changed to do triple damage to red enemies instead of triple damage to troops with greater attack than his. It was an awkward case where the troop benefited from not being leveled or ascended.

Has this actually been patched yet on console? I’m still killing 6 bandits in some matches and the thief ability still says 50%

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