D.SOUL Lost his soul it seems!

Being that I enjoy Gems of War 100% but since update, a very formidable troop who has earned its bread & butter seem 2 have had half its fight taken away…now it seems that a troop rated 2992 gets its rear handed 2 them on a plate! As I seem 2 lose 2 opponents with no traits & half the level I am…I was late starter with gow…but love the game but as many moaned about D SOUL getting reserected…as my DS, he hardly triggered that in all the time I have used him but it seems he’s just average now & all the hours spent traiting him up & his allies has been in vain basically! IT’S PUT ME OFF GoW altogether! GUTTED!

What is it that makes him seem average?
You mentioned that Resurrection hardly triggered for you, so it can’t be that.

Is it him losing Mana Shield?

He’s still a very powerful troop, if you put him in dragon team his damage is decent, he explodes the board and has a chance to give you a bunch of extra turns on top of that. AND he generates souls!
I think even without the mana shield or resurrection traits TDS still rocks.

You could have refunded when 3.3 launched if you wanted your resources back…
Relying on a 25% chance is never a good idea anyway…
If you really want to get most out of it’s last trait I’d suggest traiting and levelling all dragon troops you have.


My TDS teams still shred. I still argue new players should craft a TDS before aiming at a mythic.


I still like him. I do miss Mana Shield though. I had him in a Dragon team where half of them was immune to Mab’s bs. It was nice. But, I get it. With the addition of mana drain protection, that would have made TDS overpowered as crap.

But, I wish they would have gave us a better replacement than Dragon Bond or whatever it’s called. Not the best trade off for Mana Shield, in my opinion.

All in all, though, TDS rework is far down my list of complaints, when it comes to this update. Considering we now have these gem sinks they (generously) call “Raids”, “Invasion”, and “Bounty”; The Dragon Soul rework is amazing, in comparison.


I like the new trait, however it does lead to odd outcomes. I’ve had it where the baby dragon became a dragon soul again. I’ve also had a dragon soul become a baby dragon, to become a dragon egg which well, is kind of annoying. I am also against any and all legendaries or mythics with a bond, shield, brand, or heart trait as at that power, it should be magic, a status immunity, or passive trait like regeneration at least. It just feels like they forgo theming for a “balance trait”.

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Wish i could have worded it better,like you Striker…But grateful for positive understanding! Still use him from time 2 time…Thsnx 4 input. Respect 100%