Resurrection in Gw

I apologize if this has been brought up before. I looked and didn’t see anything obvious.

This is not about TDS, though he is the main culprit due to his powers. When playing a GW fight and a troop respawns I think you should actually get more GW points. I get the opposition that when a troop respawns it’s “doing it’s job” in costing you points, but I’m still killing another full troop.

While I’m at it…true damage troops should not be punished in GW like they are. If I kill the troop without hurting it’s armor then why is that worth less points?

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I disagree, I personally think it’s fine the way it is as troops that have the ability to resurrect usually have that as their main ability or selling point. It is just apart of the way the troop is. One troop might resurrect where another might be extra powerful in its attack/damage.


tds is primarily an exploder -its purpose is to generate mana.

additionally it does mass damage for mass shield removal.

thirdly it resurrects sometimes -I’ve seen 5 in gw.

your opinion that tds sometimes ability is the reason for selection is just wrong.

killing 9 troops in 1 gw match should attract extra points in my opinion if you win.

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Devs talked about “one time trigger” trait and ressurect should be one of them: 100% ressurect but only one time. But no news about that since ages…

For TDS, it will be soon resolved 50% chance to become a Baby Dragon with full mana on death..

You should be faster to kill the enemies so it should compensate. But honestly, I never get a super score with true damage teams (>1400pts). It’s surely due that the bonus of time that you get is inferior to the damage malus (i.e. kill without damaging armor).
That’s a shame and as far as I know devs never commented about that…

Because it’s the damage ratio that counts, for best results you want to do at least four times as much total damage as your opponent. If you bypass armor your total damage will be less, you’ll have to compensate by taking less total damage.

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Ok, so tds resurrecting and not giving me more points is because it’s tds power…yet my wulfgarok gets punished because he uses his power to devour, or Khorvash because his power is to bypass armor.

It’s inconsistent.

@Cyrup, please explain that.

And when there are inconsistencies it seems it’s almost always in favor of the ai.

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Ooh what about drakuulis. Steal life doesn’t count as damage according to fairy fire so if I kill the enemy team using his spell have I inflicted damage?

The AI is playing for other players, not itself. So those inconsistencies are yours to take advantage of in setting your defense team.


No, you don’t seem to have understood the calculations involved yet. It’s quite possible to devour all enemy troops and still get max points for it, you just need to keep damage inflicted to damage taken balanced in your favor. Whether Dragon Soul resurrecting, on either side, helps or hurts your score, depends entirely on how you play.

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You are mixing something up there. Fairy Fire doesn’t increase the amount Drakuulis heals, it definitely increases the amount of damage dealt by the spell.

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I’m a very casual player (about 30-40 pvp/wk) and i don’t participate in guild wars because i’m guildless but respawn is easy to counter. Scout and stun.

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Ahh I see sorry for the confusion

That’s because they haven’t released the actual calculations. Just saying what affects scores tell me nothing. I want to know how much priority is put on each factor.

thread is about resurrection/troop deaths - the deflection into other scoring issues achieved nothing but deflection away from the question - if you kill 8/9/10/ troops in a single match why don’t you get more points?

2 hard to code?

From the information I have discovered in the past the scoring isn’t based upon kills but more a capped ratio of damage. So you do X times more damage than your opponent and you will get full damage points, but from what others have said that is capped, so once you reach that threshold any further damage doesn’t contribute.

I guess the issue with summons/resurrection (personally I put Kerberos headed deamon teams as a more frustrating example of this than TDS) is that time is also a factor in point scoring and bringing in troops will definitely increase the length of the match.

Just another aspect of a random event, it can suck, but it is what it is. Stun is your friend I guess.

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They have released all relevant calculations for damage, just not the overall weights. You don’t need to know the weights to understand that there are no “inconsistencies almost always in favor of the ai”. If you want to know the details about scoring without spending some research effort yourself, the numbers have been posted on this forum.


And don’t forget you’re losing gw points due to taking longer to win and also risk losing more troops/points because of this.

so instead of getting more points for winning and killing 6/7/8/9 troops you get penalised because the ai uses a 25% chance up tp 5 times in a row consecutively.

Brilliant scoring system. Much like the endless divisional guild hoilidays, player sharing pool.

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Yup, i didn’t say it was a good system !

No, just very basic balance considerations. If you could get more points that way, players would milk summoning troops over and over for a steadily increasing score, just limited by their play time. Guild Wars is supposed to reward efficient play, not how many people you can share your account with, so grinding doesn’t offer any bonus. Killing extra troops may still improve your score under the right conditions, you just have to do it in an efficient way.