Resurrection in Gw

you do like to be obtuse about things don’t you?

please explain how you ‘milk’ killing a troop that has a 25% chance of resurrection controlled by the ai?

or how is killing a troop in gw milking it?

what do you do for a job troll farm?

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Mostly technical support, like explaining to users their computer isn’t broken, they just have to turn on the power.

Ah, I think I see the issue here. There are actually quite a lot more troops than Dragon Soul in the game, you can view them within your collection by setting the filter to unowned troops. Please note that this will only show you the first eight troops, the list is much larger, unfortunately it requires advanced interaction techniques (scrolling) to navigate. What you want to look at is the spell of Abynissia, it has an amazing 100% chance of summoning a troop. It’s not the only one, other troops may even summon several replacements. I’m afraid you’ll have to take my word for it until you master the scrolling technique to verify this yourself.


@Cyrup While I see your point of view I also see @Pantenkind 's. Just because its the troops main selling point for being used, does not negate the fact it should generate more GW pts. Especially if it revives or creates additional troops one must defeat. As Pantenkind is correct it costs you points in that ‘selling point’, but then for defeating them you get nothing extra for it. As for a troop that creates other troops being weaker than other troops that’s not really true. I can not think of one troop that is inherently weaker than another base troop stat wise, ie armor and health and attack. Some deal damage and create more troops, some cycle and create more troops etc etc. I would never define them as weaker. A side note about teams : skull smashing may be part of a team but often because it was mixed in with an ability to either use it or amplify it. So cites of core attack is often moot as a valid initial argument. The more common is just getting bashed in by ability damage sans skulls or attack, ie status effects, spells etc.

summoning aint resurrection -

if you can scroll up to the thread title and read it then maybe your trolling will improve

This is gold.

For the purposes of the game they are one and the same, if they change one scoring system they will change the other otherwise it would make even less sense.

for the purposes of this thread they aint - thread title is Resurrection.


I note that you all believe that the developers are incapable of coding troops with a specific trait differently.

Better try again with the representation…


My POINT is, that in order for a resurrected troop to contribute to the imaginary score based on number of enemies killed they would have to actually implement a scoring system that is based around number of enemies killed, which would then also be affected by troops that summon.

And hey, we might as well also ignore the fact that technically if you kill a troop that resurrects you aren’t actually killing a new enemy, just the same one again, so should that even be considered another kill (whereas in the case of a summon it is clearly a new enemy) in relation to your imaginary scoring for enemies killed?

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that was the original point a points system that takes into account the numbers of troops killed … but not by summoning.

the ai resurrected tds 5 times sometimes in a gw match but since that has been nerfed yesterday this thread is irrelevant, like way 2 many of the replies, including your imaginary point scoring.